You WILL Prosper With Tax Changes!

February 8, 2015

Highlights: Change taxes so Landlords/Corporations will gain more in Business than they do now in Rental Housing. Then they will sell their Units to non-profit organizations or Tenants and then reinvest in Business to produce much more goods, services, JOBS, income tax, sales tax, and business tax!

Tenants will gain equity yearly thru DECREASING rent! Let’s say the annual assessment shows the apartment equity increased by $2,400. The Tenant will receive the full equity with a $200 monthly rent reduction! Tenants will receive the equity that Landlords now take, and Condo Owners receive when they sell. A 5-year renter in a nonprofit Apartment could gain $30,000 in equity, just like a condo owner!

Many more families will buy houses due to true supply and demand prices! We all will have more money to buy more things and be prosperous! 

There will be “A Better Life 4 All“(TM).

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