You WILL Prosper With Tax Changes!

February 8, 2015

Highlights: Experts agree these changes Will End The Housing Crisis, Stimulate The Economy, and Elevate ALL Economic Classes like nothing before in the history of CAPITALISM

No tax on incomes less than $120,000/year! Let’s give young people and new businesses a chance to succeed! 80% of young people have no chance financially without these changes! Our realistic expectation is that more people will reach the $120,000 income faster than ever!

Landlords will gain more in TAX-FREE business than in owning housing. This will greatly reduce the cost of housing and produce more goods and services, JOBS, income tax, business tax, and sales tax.

In slumping industries, let investors, business owners, and employees have a TAX-FREE income! That way the rich will stimulate our economy, not you the taxpayer.

We want the rich to get richer at our benefit, not at our expense!

These concepts apply to the worldwide housing crisis not just to the housing crisis in America.  n>o m

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