Our Spiritual Opinion of LifeAhead(tm):

February 18, 2015

Highlights: GOD SAYS YES:
It looks to us that God DESIGNED our physical head and body so a HeadAlone(tm) will survive for decades without its body. And God DESIGNED all the senses in the head, and given us the ability to design human/computer/machine interfaces good enough to make that LifeAhead(tm) productive and helpful to God’s own goals.

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Anger Management Classes can SAVE a Family!

August 31, 2014


Highlights: “You can take free or low cost anger management classes. It would be good for you, good for your family.” Then I looked at his wife and said, “If he doesn’t, call the protective services or the police and ask the judge to assign him anger management classes. Save yourself and your children from years of abuse. And save your husband from losing the love of his family.

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I Faced A Violent “Raging Ray” And Saved A Family Of 4, Hopefully:

August 30, 2014

Highlights: “That is what you do: hurt the weak. I can see you hurt them.”  He got madder. “Go ahead, hit an Old Man in public and go to prison for years, maybe decades. I’ll SEE TO IT! GO AHEAD!”


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LifeAhead(tm): Live Decades AFTER Your Body Dies! And Love It!

November 13, 2012

Highlights: With LifeAhead(tm) a person’s living head, without their dead body, can live decades using our NEW life support techniques and NOVEL blood replenishment process. And with our new disabled human/computer/machine interface can do virtual, remote controlled, and actual activities in exciting ways! LifeAhead(tm) people will operate drones, cars, motorcycles, bulldozers, even underwater exploration and mining, and much more. LifeAhead(tm) people will read, write, paint art, Doctors will perform operations, and much more.  

 Professor Stephen Hawking is an inspiration to start this project.

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