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August 17, 2014

“A Better Life 4 All”(TM) conceives or receives, designs, and develops Ideas to improve the lives of all Humanity. We believe this fabulous World is abundant, amazing, magical, mysterious, adventurous, and exciting. The more people who believe this, the better it is for All of us!


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We desire ANONYMITY>  Our Achievable Goals>   Our Motivation, Our Driving Force>

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Yes, we know there are major perplexing problems in this mortal World. We believe these perplexing problems can be reduced to non-life-destroying issues and even reduced to non-life-disrupting issues. We have taken Ideas from several Notable Sources and mixed them with our Ideas to produce, in our opinion, the Best Solutions> to ALL the following major perplexing problems: all airborne diseases, war, poverty, ignorance, PTSD, tornado deaths, and destruction, death decades too soon, high medical costs, nightmares, quadriplegics, locked-in-syndrome, blindness, total hearing loss, faulty justice systems, discrimination, unnecessary roughness in the NFL, grief, colon cancer, diabetes, fatty liver disease, limited electrical power, limited fresh water, limited transportation, homelessness, STDs, obesity, sports problems, loneliness, fatigue, depression, jealousy, fear, rage, and more.

Our Top Priorities:

You WILL Prosper With Tax Changes!  Experts agree this plan Will End The Housing Crisis, Stimulate The Economy, and Elevate ALL Economic Classes like nothing before in the history of CAPITALISM!

BAMBOO Can Rescue Civilization! BAMBOO can solve MANY of today’s major problems: global warming, electrical and gas costs, housing crisis, pollution, building material shortage, deforestation, airborne contagious diseases, and more, much more!

ELIMINATE ALL Airborne Contagious Epidemics using Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation(TM) Systems in public buildings!

Main Topics:

OUR MISSION is to strive for”A Better Life 4 All“(TM.)
Our Top Priorities>

Our Achievable Goals>
Paradise4ALL Defined>
Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) is not here now>
Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) will happen>
Rotary International among the Best>
Paradise from the very beginning would have been ours if…>
Our Method is to do the CREATOR’s will.
Among our Inspirations>
Our Motivation>
Key Advisors>
End Main Topics.

Paradise4All(TM) can be achieved by strengthening The Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)>: Financial Strength, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Social Cooperation, and Spiritual Strength. 

Part of Our Motivation:
Many of us believe we all have the choice to return to this World after we die. Only a very few get to choose where and who they return as. The rest of us return anywhere in the World strictly by chance. Today the odds of returning to a “good” life are very poor World wide: about 1/3 of all people on Earth live on less than $2 a day; half of them live on less than $1 a day; about 100,000 people are killed each year in armed conflicts that threaten millions of lives. So the better we can make life for everyone now, the better chance we and our descendants will even WANT to return. 

Even if this is not true, it is a good life philosophy. And a few rich people surrounded by many poor, desperate people is good for no one; this is the way the World is headed now!

OUR MISSION is to strive for Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) by strengthening and raising the “Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM).

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Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)) are Financial, Physical health, Emotional health, Social cooperation, and Spiritual strength. The Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)> 

Paradise4ALL Defined: PEACE, Comfort, and just one loved one is all that is needed for Paradise. There are enough resources, including untapped resources, for food, material, space, and energy on this fabulous Earth to support perhaps 100 billion people in peace, comfort, and love! Each person can be provided with minimal necessities, even if they do not work! Most people will work for a better life and to have something productive to do; they will provide necessities for the non-workers. Many welfare systems do this now anyway. These non-workers, artists & philosophers, for example, may endeavor to advance The Human Condition to heights currently unknown today!

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Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) is not here now: about 1/3 of all people on Earth live on less than $2 a day; half of them live on less than $1 a day; about 100,000 people are killed each year in armed conflicts that threaten millions of lives. According to Rotary International, nearly 800 million people live on less than $1.90 a day! Even 75% of Americans struggle financially from month to month.  A weak Financial link breaks the Chain-to-Paradise(TM).

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Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) will happen
Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) will not happen this week, it will not happen this month, it will not happen this year, it will not happen this decade. Perhaps Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) will happen this century. We are convinced it will happen during this millennium!!

Then our eternal souls can return to Earth and be assured we arrive in Paradise. Our eternal souls can return before that, however, we may not have a choice as to where on Earth we land! As of today, your chances of returning to a desirable place are slim, slim indeed. 

The CREATOR wants to live with us here on Paradise Earth in Peace and Prosperity!

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We strive to improve the Creation to achieve Paradise here on Earth as the CREATOR originally intended. We believe Paradise on Earth is where the CREATOR wants to be with ALL of Creation and with ALL the CREATOR’s Human Children through eternity! We believe this Creation is far better than the Spiritual Realm, called Heaven by some people. Paradise is Heaven on Earth for these people!

Your descendants can live in Paradise4All-Humanity(TM), even if you don’t believe your eternal souls can return to Earth. Therefore, strive for them. 

Or, you can Strive for Your Rewards in the Afterlife. Rewards are much better than making amends for transgressions. Note, we have all been sinned against and have sinned ourselves, and we ALL will have to sit at the table in the presence of our enemies and our victims.

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Rotary International and others are planting and nurturing Seeds for Paradise4All-Humanity(TM).

For Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) to happen, Humanity must get beyond Bertrand Russell’s four never-ending, unattainable Human Desires: Acquisitiveness, Rivalry, Vanity, and Love of Power. Instead, we must be guided by the will of the CREATOR!

The Main Hindrance to Paradise4All-Humanity(TM) is Conflict including War!
Conflict Prevention is the Foundation of the Social ChainLink to Paradise! Once cooperation replaces conflict, all the other problems will be solved by the combined force of ALL Humanity pulling in the same direction toward Paradise4All-Humanity(TM)!

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Paradise4All-Humanity™ from the very beginning
would have been ours, if the techniques of Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) were taught and used back then!
Conflict Prevention, between individuals and between nations, is the main PET technique that would have saved most of the suffering from the Beginning! Everything else would have happened for our good, because of cooperation rather than conflict! Evil would have been subdued or harnessed for our good! The techniques of Love and Logic would have accomplished the same. Even the 12 Step Programs would have prevented the first murder and the first war!

Our FATHER’s Regrets!
Let it be known, the Fantastic CREATOR deeply regrets tossing humanity (HIS first children) out of Paradise,  deeply regrets not knowing the basics of loving parenting, and deeply regrets leading conflict instead of cooperation in the beginning, conflict that laid the violent foundation of humanity. Our Loving FATHER deeply regrets assaulting (coercing by the threat of physical violence) us with eternal damnation.

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Our FATHER’s New Covenant of Unconditional Love!
The worst punishment now is removing the scales from our eyes to reveal all our transgressions to ourselves and to the Light for all to see. This will be very unpleasant for the wicked, but they will be forgiven and loved unconditionally!

A wicked man’s last words were said gleefully, “I’m going home!” We say why wait? See and turn away from your transgressions and receive Glee from your CREATOR Today!! 

You can confirm this for yourself thru dialog with your Benevolent CREATOR!

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Our Method is to do the CREATOR’s will: love the CREATOR, love each other, love the Creation (our universe and our home planet), maintain the Creation, and improve the Creation (done by artists, builders, engineers, and many others) to achieve Paradise on Earth for ALL Humanity including the CREATOR! The CREATOR’s last will for us is to live long and Prosper! Everything else is up to us aided by “Whispers From Above and Within”(TM)!

We love the CREATOR and want to reduce HIS suffering! One of our missions is to reduce the physical and emotional suffering in the world. We do this for the suffer and for all those who suffer for the suffer, including the CREATOR and ourselves. The CREATOR suffers like all loving parents suffer when their children are suffering and more, MUCH more. The CREATOR takes on HIMSELF our physical and emotional pain, when we ask HIM. We can ask HIM directly or indirectly; the CREATOR will absorb and reduce our suffering.

We reduce world suffering for ourselves, because we suffer, when we see others suffering in person or in the news.

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Whispers from the CREATOR: We receive “Whispers From Above and Within”(TM). These whispers come from “The DIVINE SPIRIT of the CREATOR”(TM) that is within ALL of us (see DailyWord article). We receive these whispers to help accomplish Our Achievable Goals> that will increase Financial, Physical health, Emotional health, Social cooperation, and Spiritual strength for Humanity.

We are being guided by the CREATOR as were:

Dr. Thomas Gordon of Parent Effectiveness Training teaches Conflict Prevention Techniques to solve problems.

  • “Bill W.” and “Dr. Bob” of the 12 Step Programs help resolve personal and relationship problems that may cause behavioral, addiction, compulsion, or other problems.
  • James Dobson founder of FocusOnTheFamily.
  • Jim Fay founder of Love and Logic.
  • And many others. Add more.

All humans can receive guidance from within and from above! (Forward Day by Day Meditation).

Our Daily Guides Include: Forward Day by Day>; we often read the entire Bible chapter containing the reference verse at BibleGateway>.  DarrenDaily> is our favorite advisor for business, social, and personal success!

Our Selected Guides>

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Among our Inspirations in no particular order are Leonardo da Vinci, Ben Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Dr. Karl Menninger, Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke,  Elvis’s “Peace in the Valley” & “In The Garden,” Theodore Roosevelt, Dr. John von Neumann, Thomas Edison, Dick Van Dyke, Mike Nelson of Sea Hunt, Dr. Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler’s abilities but NOT his actions, Golda Meir, Gandhi, Leonardo Buscaglia AKA Dr. Love, Gene Roddenberry, William Shakespeare, Dr. Isaac Asimov, Winston Churchill, FDR, JFK, Dr. Kelly Johnson, Wright Brothers, Jacques Cousteau, Steve Irwin AKA The Crocodile Hunter,  Dr. Jonas Salk, Dr. Louis Pasteur, Sir Isaac Newton, Dr. Christiaan Barnard, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, and many others!

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OUR SKILLS: We with our Advisors claim to have combined knowledge, intuition, perception, creativity, receptiveness, and MOST importantly Benevolence greater than any individual in history! We are very perceptive, that is we see and understand problems some other people do not understand; a problem is difficult to solve, if it is not understood. More importantly, we are very receptive, that is we receive solutions through “Whispers From Above and From Within”(TM). 

We at “A Better Life 4 All”(TM) know we are among the most brilliant humans in history. We also know that we are but a small fraction of the brilliance the CREATOR intended us all to be. Humans were created with a brain as powerful as the CREATOR’s!

However, the combined human knowledge is far less than the CREATOR’s, but growing! Total knowledge is vast! If total knowledge is compared to all the water in all the oceans, the average person may have just a bathtub of knowledge, a Ph.D. may have a swimming pool of knowledge, and total human knowledge may be Lake Superior! Maybe!

Example 1: DonDesignJr received a solution from the DIVINE SPIRIT to a problem Dr. Albert Einstein failed repeatedly to solve for 50 years. Einstein predicted the Speed of Gravity (among his greatest interests) is the Speed of Light, but he was never able to prove it. Don received the method and received 3 experiments to calculate the Speed of Gravity. The results proved Einstein was correct. Senior Design Engineer>  (See the section titled Einstein).

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Key Advisors:
Advisors as of September 2022.

DonDesignJr is a Founding Member and has been the most active member of “A Better Life 4 All“(TM) since August 2004. He has now in April 2022 assumed a lesser role due to health concerns. Don stays current on his favorite projects. Most of his tasks have been taken over by newer members who have inherited Don’s enthusiasm. Here is our Bio on Don:

DonDesignJr has been called a World-Class Design Engineer; he does not deny it. Don has a BS Degree in Electronic Engineering Summa Cum Laude, that’s almost all A’s. Don was a Senior Systems Design Engineer at GE, a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at ITT, and the smartest person in a High Technology Think Tank of 300 people, half with advanced degrees including 20 with a Ph.D. Well, that was according to the founder of the company. Don knew it wasn’t true. Among the most perceptive and creative perhaps. Certainly not the most knowledgeable. One of Don’s essential qualities for his success is acknowledgment: if anyone helped Don in any way, Don would include them in his weekly report. Everyone wanted to talk to Don; everyone wanted to help Don; everyone wanted Don to succeed!

Details of DonDesignJr’s Engineering Career>

And now after all that and during all that, Don is an Apprentice to the CREATOR, AKA the GREATEST DESIGN ENGINEER. Don knows he uses but a fraction of the Brilliance we ALL have been given.

Don is among our most active members. Don is our Chief Design Engineer, Senior Writer, Spokesperson, and Reluctant WebMaster. Don says the projects he’s doing now at “A Better Life 4 All”(TM) are more exciting and beneficial than any project he ever worked on before!
More about DonDesignJr> 

WalterTalker, AKA WalterVader, AKA  LeonardoThinker, Senior Spokesperson with a degree in science.

Ted is a spiritual, mechanical, and all-around advisor. Ted is the closest person to what I imagine what JESUS was like here on Earth: Ted has a sense of peace about him that is beyond happiness, beyond joy, and even beyond bliss. His main motto is, “It is what it is.” Ted does not hold a grudge and does not seek revenge. He has a fearlessness about him; he knows that whatever happens to him here on Earth, he will be in Heaven sooner or later. Ted has gone on several spiritual missions around the world at his own expense. Ted will help the needy without compensation. Ted helps anyone at a reduced rate. Ted is a retired head mechanic for a large utility company; he maintained and repaired all types of vehicles and machinery. He’s the one that could fix a problem that no one else could. I have never known a better mechanic.

Jim/James is a Retired Silicone Valley Chief Financial Advisor. Jim wants to eliminate the wealthy’s tax breaks: only the wealthiest 20% should pay taxes; the other 80% of Americans pay ZERO tax! The first $120,000 of individual income should be tax-free! Jim says the 80% should invest their future tax savings to gain wealth. Jim wants to simplify today’s 2700-page tax return back to the 4 pages it was in the year 1913. These excess pages were added to benefit the 20%.

Leila, Banker with financial savvy.

Dr. Mark, Ph.D. Biochemistry.

Rob, Pharmacist.

Randy, a retired security guard is the most knowledgeable on many subjects of any person we have ever known. He spent most of his “security guard career” studying subjects that interested him.

Anonymous, Affordable Housing Advocate, Real Estate Broker.

Dr. Larry G, Ph.D. Education.

Barbara E, Masters Education.

Mike B, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning contractor.

Several more Advisors are unlisted.

Many Advisors are retired professionals and business people. Many have advanced degrees.

Most of the Ideas were conceived and were or will be researched, Designed, Created, and sometimes produced by our Advisors. Other Ideas come from other people, but the Ideas are always approved by at least one Advisor. All steps in all Ideas can be completed by the Advisors or others.

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ANONYMITY: Only a few Special People know both the personal and public identities and information of any of our Advisors. We wish to keep our personal and public lives separate. For security for our friends, our families, and ourselves, we ask those Special People not to reveal any of our personal identities and information. We have received threats because of several controversial and even critical subjects. We wish to remain private citizens; we wish to remain “unknowns.”

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“A Better Life 4 All”(TM), Paradise4Humanity(TM), Paradise4All-Humanity(TM), Ideas4Humanity(TM), Ideas-Committee(TM), “Whispers From Above and Within”(TM), “Whispers From Within”(TM), “Whispers From Above”(TM). “The DIVINE SPIRIT of the CREATOR”(TM). Paradise4ALL™. “Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM).” “5 ChainLinks-to-wellness”(TM). 

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(error, revise links) Our Table of Contents> contains all our Topics> and the Names of all our Articles.

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