Two Keys to Emotional Health.

Highlights: Sharing thoughts and feelings with someone is a powerful way to improve emotional health. This web page is for all those who want to share their thoughts and their feelings with our Support Group. Sharing has been a GREAT help to Mr. Engineer70, a 40-year Grief Sufferer.
    The reader receives an Emotional-Inoculation(TM) when they read what happened to others and are more prepared when it happens to them. 

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AKA: Emotional-Inoculation(TM) Prevents Emotional Devastation!

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Sharing thoughts and feelings with someone is a powerful way to improve emotional health. This web page is for all those who want to share their thoughts and their feelings. Everyone can reply or make comments on other peoples’ thoughts and feelings and share their thoughts and feelings by sending a reply or a comment, you can be anonymous, use a code name, or use your initials, or your full name; it is your choice. With your permission, we will select to post your inputs on this web page.

    It is even more powerful for the reader! The reader receives an Emotional-Inoculation(TM)! That’s a low dose of Emotional Pain that others feel full strength. When a similar “tragedy” happens to the reader, they are prepared, and may even have a solution preplanned!

People who shared their thoughts and feelings:
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Ben Affleck: ‘I Don’t Blame My Ex-Wife for My Alcoholism.
Matthew McConaughey: Why my Hero is myself 10 years from now!
Darren Hardy Leader in business and personal Inspiration.
Ted C. (Among the strongest emotionally.)
Mrs. Mary H. (Overcoming the fear of being alone and forgotten.)
Mrs. C.C.C‘s story: Passion Boat!
Mr. Engineer70  (Grief causes a 40-year emotional wreck.)
DonDesignJr (Freelance, traveling, Sr. Design Engineer.)
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Start of Sharing:

 Darren Hardy Leader in business and personal Inspiration.

Power of Encouragement!

Teary-eyed inspiration of Brotherly Love!

Ted C. (Among the strongest emotionally.)

320306: Ted’s main philosophy: It is, what it is.

 Mrs. Mary H.  (Overcoming the fear of being alone and forgotten.) 

230312: This sharing page is a fabulous idea. I do feel connected. Perhaps someone will benefit from my bad experience. I have a fear of being alone and forgotten, of being overlooked. It stems from childhood. Growing up as the youngest of four siblings in a busy household I craved attention when the older ones were forging ahead with their activities. Dad was working and studying for his Ph.D. Mom was involved with community activities, trying to make a name for herself, and was somewhat resentful of a limited income when she had come from a more well-off family. I was told to “just go along with the show”, as many of my activities paralleled my siblings. I had started school when I wasn’t quite ready and had to repeat second grade while changing schools. I craved emotional support and reassurance. I felt like I didn’t fit in with my peers. God has given me a wonderful Christian husband of 45 years and two successful loving sons. We are very active in our church and community. But I still have this nagging gut feeling that haunts me. I get windows of reprieve, peaceful times. Does anyone else identify? I pray for God’s love to embrace me and to know that He has my life and future in His care.

Now I lean on God over and over again. I keep close to Him and have supportive friends and family. I am loved.

As I unmask my true self in these older years, I’m learning what it means to trust. I guess because I’ve clung to my own insecurities for so long. With God’s help, we can chip away at these barriers, learn to trust God and others, strengthen our foundation, and step out into newness. With God, all good things are possible.

God’s mercy endures forever! Praise Him!

Mrs. C.C.C’s story: Passion Boat!

230307I am on a boat; the water is sparkling with glitter and bliss, and the taste of romance excites my heart, and I am feeling extremely beautiful, engaged, and juicy, and with the wind in my hair, the unexplainable aroma of joy and excitement is oozing out of me!

I am passionate about boating! 

The water makes me feel ALIVE!

My heart SINGS when I am boating! 

The wind blows through my hair!

EXCITEMENT is oozing out of me!

 Mr. Engineer70: (Grief causes a 40-year emotional wreck.) Here are thoughts from my engineer friend; let’s call him Mr. Engineer70 because I first met him in 1970. He says he is an emotional wreck due to the loss of his fabulous Fufu wife in 1983, almost 40 YEARS ago! In his words: 

Fufu is powerful feminine magnetism and her nickname! FuFu almost always wore dresses, silky, lacey dresses! Underneath there was always a silky, lacey slip, the Pinnacle of her Femininity! She often wore wrap-around dresses. Just looking at her outfits was irresistible. And what she did with her dresses and slips would overpower any mortal man she wanted. And she wanted me! I was her Hunk of Man. There was more to her powerful feminine magnetism than that! More, much more! When she did wear jeans, they were low-cut with slender legs! Seldom have I seen jeans that look so bedazzling!

And Fufu is a high-level person: she was the Manager of Documentation Control at a worldwide known Fortune 500 high-tech manufacturing company! That’s where we met. She had all the engineers under her power, including me. She is the most organized person I have ever known. She also was a tech writer for another high-tech company. Now that’s high-level!

Fufu and I never made love! Instead, we had super fabulous Fufu treats! Fufu treats are as far above making love as making love is above having sex!

Lately, when people ask about me I tell them I’m a freelance, traveling design engineer, a high-level design engineer, summa cum laude – top 5%.

Summa cum laude needs Fufu! Without Fufu, I’m in the BOTTOM 5%!

Kylie Minogue singing Locomotion reminds me of FuFu: same body style, same arms, just as dazzling, just as spunky, with bigger beautiful red hair, more silk and lace, and even more feminine magnetism! I was so delighted to be her Hunk of Man!

Losing FuFu is the worst regret of my life, the worst failure. I am a Design Engineer who solves complex problems, yet I was unable to solve the most important problem of my life, the problem that mattered the most.

230420: Today a new friend texted me, “I hope you are well.” after I told her I have been pretty lazy the last few days. I decided to text her the truth: “I’m too sad to function 90% of the time. My wife is dying. Nothing else much matters anymore 90% of the time.” Then I sent my new friend a link to the Beatles’ Yesterday. Then I added, “Paul says he’s not half the man he used to be. I’m not one 10th the man I used to be.”

230319: Yesterday was a great day! Yesterday I met Sean, a professional business manager, an EXPERT in business! He is a high-level person and a family man. He liked our tax change and bamboo ideas; he like them very much! He would like to have a future as we see it for his children and his grandchildren. He’s willing to give us consultation and advice. We believe he will be a key element in refining and promoting our ideas!

230318: Last night I was having a great time at Karaoke. Then I saw a face I recognized: It was Cher, a lookalike anyway. Her body and face were that of a young Cher! I was inspired and sang both voices of “I got you, Babe.” Before I sang I said, “There is a Cher lookalike here tonight. I will sing this song in her and Cher’s honor!” The crowd and the lookalike loved it!

Then I saw a second face I recognized, a beautiful face, the first face I wanted to see in the morning every day for the last 40 years. Her face was a FuFu> lookalike; a very rare dazzling beauty! It overwhelmed me: if I was not sitting in a chair, I would have collapsed to the floor. She was on her way out the door when I first saw her. In seconds she was gone, gone forever! She left me stunned, collapsed in my chair, unable to breathe. I was able to recover before my next song “I’m So Excited ” by the Pointer Sisters. The crowd loved it, many sang along, and some even took the mike and sang beautifully! The terrible pain I felt inside did not show.

The FuFu lookalike shut me down for a day and several hours. Writing this to my support group has helped me plow through the pain. I will resume working on productive activities NOW!

230313Some people say I should just move on. Others say find somebody else. A few say I like being sad. Most of them have never seen her Fufu>: her bedazzling beauty, delightful personality, and exciting feminine magnetism! And the best of all, the fabulous love she HAD for me. Most of these people are not Fufu, or their wives are not Fufu. And I have not seen the fabulous love between two people that I and Fufu had!

230307: My FuFu> wife and I used to lie in bed on our sides facing each other. I would suckle like a baby on her nipples. It gave me a comforting, soothing, relaxing feeling. We fell asleep quickly
I now do something similar that gives me that comforting, soothing, and relaxing feeling: I suckle, thinking I am connected to the CREATOR. He gives me DIVINE NOURISHMENT, as does the BODY and BLOOD. I usually fall asleep soon after.

230303Taking care of my Emotional Health is productive. It is not a waste of time! Everything else depends on my Emotional Health! Including my Physical Health: My Emotional illness messes with my eating, sleeping, and exercising! I have been a physical wreck for over a decade!

230301My 50-year-old son never got married, never wanted to get married, because he saw how devastated I was after my second marriage broke up. I died when that second marriage broke up; the real me died when my son was 10 years old.

So what do I think of my fabulous Fufu> wife? I am an accomplished sports and academic enthusiast: a college scholar-athlete of the year award winner. I have accomplished more than that, much more. I accomplished so much because I enjoyed it, not for fame or fortune. Yet I’d rather be her $4 million design engineer Tooder Bear husband than a multi-millionaire Super Bowl MVP or a Nobel prize winner! That’s what she means to me. In fact, I would choose her over being a person who was a Super Bowl MVP and who also won a Nobel prize.

DonDesignJr: (Freelance, traveling, Sr. Design Engineer.)

230303: Total knowledge is vast! If total knowledge is compared to all the water in all the oceans, the average person may have just a bathtub of knowledge, a Ph.D. may have a swimming pool of knowledge, and total human knowledge may be Lake Superior!

230301My Father’s Belt>. This article describes the greatest emotional rollercoaster incident in my life!

My good mother was a lot like the CREATOR: she did not know how to treat me, her firstborn son, but she learned and treated her third son much better! My good mother apologized to me on her deathbed! Then decades later I realized my youngest brother saw our mother totally differently than I did! Totally different! That was when my brother wrote a poem about his extremely loving mother. That was NOT the mother I knew! She was always good to me but never loving to me when I was a child. On her deathbed, she said she wasn’t loving to me because she had no brothers, did not know how to treat boys, and was afraid I might grow up to be a sissy. My mother was very loving to my youngest brother; he is NO sissy! For some reason, I cry when I think about this loss of a loving mother.


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