Atom Bomb, Greatest Invention Ever!

Highlights: Without the atomic bomb, I think I would have died in a Hot War with the Soviet Union, and you, my son would never have been born. And YOU, breathing reader, there’s probably a 50% chance you would have been killed or never born! Worse, survivors of such a titanic war, would not have a good life.

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I think the atomic bomb is the greatest invention ever. Humans have been fighting wars to the death since the beginning of history. Battles with swords, spears, knives, axes, clubs, and arrows have killed at least 25,000 people in ONE day several times in history.

These wars could have been prevented and future wars could be prevented by applying the techniques of P.E.T. Best Guide For Parents, Leaders, Even World Leaders

Without the atomic bomb, I think I would have died in a Hot War with the Soviet Union, and you, my son would never have been born. The USA and USSR are 10 times bigger than Germany and Japan. Those two small countries took on the rest of the world and almost won WW2 which killed maybe 80 Million people. A war to the death between the two giants would have killed Billions of people. The nuclear bomb prevented that HOT war and made it a Cold War, a Technology and Economic War, that caused the death of the USSR!

And now, I would much rather die in a nuclear fireball than die in agony in 4 hours with a speer in one of my kidneys.

My greatest fear is a wild dictator or a dictator on his deathbed will push the Atomic Destruction Button. Perhaps a mistake could start an Atomic War that no one will win. Except for perhaps those people in the other hemisphere where the Atomic War occurred. The air in the Northern and Southern hemispheres do not mix, so fallout will not cross the Equator and kill everyone on Earth.

A sad note for the USA and the Northern hemisphere: Today’s greatest nuclear threat is a war between North and South Korea. Both are in the Northern hemisphere. If that war starts, head south of the Equator.


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