BAMBOO Can Rescue Civilization!

Highlights: Experts agree strong BAMBOO grows 20 times faster than trees and can solve MANY of today’s major problems: global warming, gas prices, housing crisis, homelessness, pollution, building material shortage, deforestation, and much more!
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AKA: BAMBOO is the Best Answer to Julia’s Quest!

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Here’s How to ELIMINATE ALL contagious airborne diseases!

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BAMBOO is among the fastest-growing biomass on earth! Many of the thousands of varieties of BAMBOO grow the same biomass 20 times faster than trees (some 3 feet in one day)! Most mature for harvest within 40 days! BAMBOO photosynthesis, which converts sunlight into energy, is more energy-efficient than ANY energy source Humans have ever invented! BAMBOO is stronger than the same weight of steel! BAMBOO can produce Vast, Renewable, Clean resources! The thousands of varieties of BAMBOO are so versatile they can:

  1. Reverse Global Warming! When BAMBOO grows, it produces oxygen and consumes carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases. When BAMBOO is burned, it consumes oxygen and produces carbon gases. This keeps oxygen and carbon gases in balance. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, grew millions of years ago and now only consume oxygen and produce carbon gases!
  2. Provide a Vast, Renewable, and Clean energy source! Burning BAMBOO to produce electricity is the most efficient.
  3. Gasification: After 40 days of growth, BAMBOO can be harvested, sun-dried, compacted, and buried to produce liquid or gas fuel.
  4. Power motor vehicles at a small fraction of fossil fuel cost! BAMBOO can produce ethanol to replace 85% of gasoline. But BAMBOO-produced electricity is far more efficient to power vehicles. The cost of electric cars will reduce. Long-range batteries for fast exchange (under 5 minutes) will be designed with Battery Exchange Stations every few miles; long-distance trips will become convenient!
  5. Even better! Cheap steam-powered cars can be powered by burning BAMBOO charcoal! The world record is now 139.843 MPH!
  6. Provide Vast, Renewable building materials! Bamboo Living>  BAMBOO frame buildings can be covered with sheet rock and wall covering to look just like a wood frame building. BAMBOO can be used to make pressboard for wall covering and many other uses.
  7. Reduce the Worldwide Housing Crisis!
  8. Provide insulation material!
  9. Save the Redwood and Rain Forests! BAMBOO can replace all uses for wood! (^D230418 Bamboo is MORE resistant to mold, rot, fungi, rodents, and insects than even the most resistant wood, Redwood!)
  10. Reduce wood treatment pollution! BAMBOO resists rot and varmints without chemicals!
  11. Help eliminate ALL airborne contagious diseases! BAMBOO can provide ducting and energy for Air Sterilizing Vertical Ventilation!
  12. Create millions of new jobs!
  13. Provide healthy foods! BAMBOO shoots have rich contents of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fibers, and minerals and have very low fat.
  14. Provide medicines!
  15. Provide paper!
  16. Provide strong clothing material!
  17. Reduce heavy metal pollution! BAMBOO draws heavy metals out of polluted soil!
  18. (^D230418 Provide heavy metals for industry by extracting them from BAMBOO grown in polluted soil!)
  19. There are many more BAMBOO benefits!

HEMP is another fast-growing biomass that is as versatile as BAMBOO!

(^D230423 Algae Fuel will soon be a major source of renewable energy!)

We do not need to prove or refer any of these claims; you can verify them online yourself.


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One Response to BAMBOO Can Rescue Civilization!

  1. Joe marshall says:

    So much resources and time has been wasted we need to apply these types of Technologies as soon as possible


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