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Highlights: Yes, I miss My Friend and will never forget him. However, I would like a few of his things to retain my memories of some of the things we did together.

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This is a letter I sent to My Friend’s Wife after he died unwillingly at the age of 40. I have replaced their names with “My Friend” and “His Wife.”

About six weeks before he died, he slipped, fell hard on his face, broke his jaw, cracked ribs, and severely injured his spine! He was in constant pain; meds did little help; he had difficulty breathing, and even stopped breathing for short spells. He was afraid to fall asleep, especially while laying down because that was when breathing was the most difficult: he was afraid he would die in his sleep. He slept sitting up; that is the way he died, sitting up!

Letter to His Wife, I miss My Friend and will never forget him. 

My Friend had great respect for me being an electronic design engineer and my knowledge of science. Believe it or not! (Note: this was his key phrase.)

My Friend was always trying to encourage me despite my situation, to be happy despite it all. He was happy most of the time even thou his situation was worse than mine. I admire him for that! He tried to inspire me to be what I once was. Believe it or not!

We were friends!

As of today: I have never been so excited about being inspired in my life. My Friend is a major reason for this. I will try to retain this spirit he gave me. Believe it or not!

Yes, I miss My Friend and will never forget him. However, I would like a few of his things to retain my memories of some of the things we did together.

One of his martial art belts: he talked about them often and taught me how to put them on correctly. I will display his belt in my room so that I will see it every day and try to reach the standards he taught in his classes.

One of his smallest martial arts books: we spent many hours going through his beloved books complete with demonstration and follow the leader exercises!

A tire plug repair kit he offered me when I had a nail in my tire. He offered to take out the nail and plug the hole for free. Instead, I opted to have Walmart put in a patch from the inside. My Friend did some mechanical work on my vehicle; he offered to do it for free; I offered him what it was worth to me; he refused; I insisted saying I will never ask for your help again unless you take this money; he finally and reluctantly accepted. I would like the tire plug kit to remember his generosity.

The best of his two power converters. He offered to give me one when we used it to power my hair clippers to trim our hair. I didn’t take it, because I really didn’t need it, and I figured My Friend would always be around if I wanted the convenience of a power converter. Note: A power converter plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter and converts power into 110 volts like an electric power wall socket.

My Friend talked about you a lot. I am very impressed. We talked a lot about a lot! 

We were friends!


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