70-Year-Old Teeth Sharper than Most 20-Year-Olds!

Highlights: This play explains FIVE little-known techniques that will keep your teeth young and healthy. AKA: “Why I didn’t care for my teeth but now I do!” This Play also inspires people to go to the dentist and to take care of their valuable teeth.

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Play written by Don Design Jr. This is a true story as told to Don Design Jr.

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I am Walter Talker, volunteer spokesperson for aBetterLife4All.online, that’s aBetterLife, the number four, All.online. The title of this audio play is “70-Year-Old Teeth Sharper than Most 20 year Old’s!” This play explains FIVE little-known techniques that will keep your teeth young and healthy. This play has two characters: the dentist and the dental patient.

The scene is a dental exam room. The dentist is standing beside the dental patient who is sitting in the exam chair.


You have excellent teeth for a person in your ’70s. Only one of your fillings is leaking and needs to be replaced with a crown. We’ll have it fixed up in 2 weeks. I am amazed your teeth are in such good shape after not coming in for your 3-month cleaning and exam for 11 months!


I am even more amazed! I often go months at a time without brushing and flossing my teeth.


Months? Why is that?


I have been very sad for the last 40 years. I often lose the will to live. I know I don’t want to live the next 10 or 20 years like the last 40 years. If I don’t want to live, why should I bother going to the dentist or even brushing my teeth? Or any of the maintenance chores most people do every day?

Last week I offered a friend of mine some delicious nuts. He said he could not eat them, because they get stuck under his dentures. Right then I realized it was worth taking care of my teeth and going to the dentist, just so I can eat nuts and seeds, which I love. If nuts and seeds are the only things I have to live for, so be it. 

I did use mouthwash vigorously after most meals during my brushless months. I vigorously force the mouthwash back and forth between my side teeth. Then I press my upper front teeth against my lower lip and vigorously force the mouthwash out and in between my teeth several times. Then I do the same thing with my lower front teeth pressed against my upper lip. I carry a small plastic bottle of mouthwash in my pocket most of the time. Is that why my dental exam went so well.


Yes, I believe that’s what made the difference. However, the plaque had built up quite a lot, you should brush and floss every day. Your teeth are not worn down like most people your age. Your teeth are sharper than some 20 year old’s.


Ever since I was a teenager, I taught myself to eat without my teeth touching each other. There is no tooth-on-tooth impact. I chew my food, not my teeth. That’s why my teeth are not worn down. From now on, I will brush and floss at the end of each day. Plus I’ll floss my lower front teeth after each breakfast, that’s where plaque is worse. After brushing my teeth, I will force the fluoride-rich solution through my teeth just like I do the mouthwash. Then I spit out the solution and floss BEFORE I rinse out my mouth, that way the fluoride gets worked in by the flossing. On even days, I mouthwash before brushing my teeth and spit out the fluoride-rich solution but do not rinse, that way the fluoride stays on my teeth and gums longer. I will continue my mouthwash routine and continue not chewing my teeth. Will that be okay Doctor?


That will be fine. Not chewing your teeth explains why your teeth are so sharp. Your fluoride solution routine, your flossing before rinsing, your mouthwash first every other day, and your mouthwash routine will keep your sharp teeth and gums healthy for many more decades. But make sure you come back in 3 months for a cleaning and a checkup. Don’t wait another 11 months.


I promise. I’ll see you in 3 months! Goodbye Doctor.

End of Written Play. 


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