Happiness Will Give You Achievement Power

Highlights: The purpose of this book is to lead people to realize how much love there is. There is brotherly love from our fellow human beings and divine love from God for us.

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Written By Carla Cox, Certified Happyness Coach by Neutrality Shifting.

Carla Cox

Carla’s Certificate



The purpose of this book is to lead people to realize how
much love there is. There is brotherly love from our fellow
human beings and divine love from God for us. We, with
our strength, cannot love as unconditionally as God does.
God shows His love even to those who think they are not
worthy of it and to the people who desperately yearn for it,
waiting for the day the blinding beam of love will find
An acronym that you can apply to all walks of life with
the confidence that you will end up succeeding in that
respect is ACTS. When you focus yourself on doing any
act, remember to:
    Adore God
    Confess any wrongdoings to Him
    Thank Him for everything
    Submit yourself unto Him


About the Author
Chapter 1- God Did for Me What I Could Not Do for Myself
Chapter 2- You Are Worthy
Chapter 3- We Create Everything
Chapter 4- Money Magnet
Chapter 5- Get Unstuck
Chapter 6- How to Cultivate Love?
Chapter 7- Faith like Abraham
Chapter 8- Life on Fire
Chapter 9- Who I Am
Chapter 10- Prosper
Chapter 11- Pontoon Party Boat My Dream Boat

How to Order:

Order a paperback book on Amazon cost: $19.99.

Or order a paperback book from the Author cost: $14.99, good to February 31, 2021. Includes discount online or in-person Happyness Training with Carla! Sliding scale for the needy. Email Carla for details.

Or order an online book from Kindle: $5.19.

Cox.Carla73@gmail.com. Pay for the book with Venmo to Carla Cox.

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