Who Knows How to Eliminate MOST Diseases, but have NOT Replied?

.Highlights: List of groups that have been sent Our Method to save 400 MILLION lives over the next 20 years and prevent future shutdowns, and our method to STOP COVID-19 and END this shutdown!

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AKA: List of Who Know.

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The Groups listed have been sent our articles:

Air Sterilizing Systems Eliminates ALL Contagious Airborne Diseases!

EYE Protection STOPS COVID-19

We at Paradise4Humanity.com are not hoping for financial gain for these Pandemic ending ideas. We are hoping for Public Recognition to help us carry out Our Achievable Goals>

GET INVOLVED: Will you send inquiries to these Groups and ask them what they are doing to help save 400 million lives and prevent future shutdowns? Ask what they have done to promote EYE protection to stop COVID-19 and end this shutdown? They haven’t listened to us yet: we are but one voice in tens of thousands. Your voice may be the one they listen to!

These groups have been given this method to save 400 million lives and prevent future shutdowns and our methods to STOP COVID-19 and END this shutdown:
(yymmdd)=Date Information Sent.

210210 szhang@theatlantic.com from The Atlantic.

L210131 President Joe Biden

210123 Proclinical, Leaders in Life Science, Monique Ellis.

210112 CBS13.com, General Manager, Investigates, Newsroom, news@kovr.com.

Coast to Coast AM,  Emails to George, Lisa, Tom, Tim.

210111 Kaiser Permanente, A medical field giant, National-Media-Relations@kp.org

200814 Robinson Meyer & Alexis C. Madrigal at The Atlantic.
Governor Gavin Newsom, California.

200813 CNBC

BOMA, Building Owners and Managers Association, emailed 12 people.
ICSC, Comercial Real Estate Group, emailed 10 people.
OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
California Department of Public Health
Ami Bera, M.D. & U.S. Representative Sacramento CA, emailed.

The Guardian British newspaper, emailed 14 people at US Team.
Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Sent letter.

Full-Service Restaurant Magazine emailed 4 people.
Rotary International, emailed 5 leaders. 
Rotary of Roseville CA.

Center for Disease Control, emailed 6 people.
UsaToday newspaper, emailed 7 people.
Los Angeles Times newspaper, emailed 6 people.
World Health Organization, emailed 10 people.
Scientific American Magazine. Editors.

Rotary International 

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Published: 200811. Posted: 200811.

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