Proof of Invention: Ventilation Systems WILL Stop ALL Airborne Diseases FOREVER!

We at are not hoping for financial gain for this Pandemic ending idea. We are hoping for Recognition to help us carry out Our Achievable Goals>

Below is a copy of an email Don sent to his Google and Yahoo email addresses. We can forward the email to anyone:

Ventilation Systems WILL Stop ALL Airborne Diseases FOREVER!

Aug 4 at 3:56 PM
Don DesignJr <>
To: DonDesignJrY <>,Sr Engineer/Spokesperson <>
Proof of Invention: Ventilation Systems WILL Stop ALL Airborne Diseases FOREVER!
By 2 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2020, DonDesignJr of Received the final details for the Ultimate Solution to end ALL Airborne Diseases FOREVER! The general public will NEVER have to wear MASKS!
A simple, inexpensive, easy to install ventilation system can be installed in every public building around the World! Simple pipes or ducts can be attached to the ceiling. Holes can be placed on the bottom side every few feet. Every exhale will be immediately vacuumed toward the ceiling.
ALL contagions will not linger even for a second, let alone for hours!  Ducts from different rooms or from ducts in a large room can be joined together to feed into a fan and filter. The sanitized output can go back into the building or outside the building.
If the output goes back into the building, the inside air pressure can be kept greater than the outside air pressure to prevent any contaminated air from entering the building, EVEN when the door is open! A less simple, more expensive system that exports outside can have Input ports with filters to let in only “clean, sanitized” air; a fan can be used to keep out “dirty” air when doors are open.
Some existing ventilation systems could be sufficient.
Ventilation Systems can be added to libraries, medical facilities, movie theaters, restaurants, malls, stores, etc.
Ventilation Systems can be added to HOMES to protect family members with weakened immune systems.
Public transportation can be ventilated to prevent the spread of airborne diseases: commercial airline, ships, buses, trains, etc
Open air stadiums could have vacuum pipes under the seats. Or they could have filtered air pumped in under the seats to push contagions up into the air.

Most countries could install ventilation systems in most buildings. The poorest countries could receive help from their neighbors for everyone’s benefit.

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