ELIMINATE ALL Airborne Contagious Epidemics!

Highlights: All Medical Professionals we have talked to support this concept! Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation(TM) Systems in buildings where people gather will ELIMINATE ALL contagious airborne Epidemics FOREVER! Including the Flu and even the Common Cold! Air flows vertically away from everyone in a soft breeze. Every human exhaled airborne contagion will be quickly drawn into air ducts then destroyed. Masks will not be required! Vaccines will not be necessary. Building owners will quickly install these systems to protect their visitors and keep up with their competitors. Just ONE Epidemic, COVID-19, cost the USA $16 trillion. These diseases will never travel far or fast ever again! You can help us save 400 MILLION lives over the next 20 years and prevent future shutdowns.
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AKA: SafestAir4You.com(TM)! 
AKA: Here’s How to Stop COVID-19!
AKA: Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation(TM) Systems Eliminates ALL Contagious Airborne Epidemics!
AKA: ALL Contagious Airborne Epidemics Gone Forever!

UpDated: 230403=yymmdd. Started: 200804.

Written By Don Design Jr. World-Class Design Engineer, Apprentice to the CREATOR!

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Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems WILL ELIMINATE ALL Contagious Airborne Epidemics FOREVER WORLDWIDE! These diseases will never travel far or fast ever again!

Note: This article was written while the COVID shutdown was enforced. However, this article applies to any FUTURE Epidemic/Pandemic!

Major Topics:
A play that demonstrates this concept.
Airborne diseases are quickly transmitted in public buildings.
Main Transmission Zones.
Contagion concentration in Transmission Zones

Homes will not require Sterilized Air

Mutated viruses will NOT be a problem:
Why wait now for thousands to die waiting for a vaccine?
Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems will prevent an Epidemic from even starting EVER AGAIN!
All significant buildings in the World can be equipped soon: building owners will quickly install to reopen their businesses.
How to encourage quick installation:
Sterilizing vs Sanitizing:
How should the air be Sterilized?
All Airborne organisms and pollution are destroyed or filtered:
Airflow: 45 degrees vertically at 4 feet above the floor:
Large rooms:
Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) System Components:
Movie Theaters or Studios can make this happen:
Kaiser Permanente could make this happen:
Other Leaders could make this happen
This is our masterpiece, our doorway to accomplishing our Goals!
Examples of a Department Store, Movie Theater, Dance floor, Football field, Ice Skating Rink, and Open-air stadium installations:
Here’s how to reopen movie theaters with sterilized air and synchronized SMELLS!
This concept will work with existing systems, even low-pressure systems that let unsterilized outside air in.
Types of buildings to Safely Open:
Homes of the weak, public transportation, and stadiums:
Get Involved:
Who has been given this knowledge to save 400 million lives and prevent future shutdowns, but has not yet responded.
In the meantime, EYE Protection will STOP COVID-19:
In the meantime, EYE Protection will End the Shutdown:
Masks can eliminate airborne diseases if…
In the meantime, Resume Restaurant DINE-IN With Electric Air Purifiers!
End Major Topics.

By 2 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2020, Don Design Jr of http://www.aBetterLife4All.Online received the final details for the Ultimate Solution to end ALL Contagious Airborne Epidemics FOREVER EVERYWHERE ON EARTH! The general public will NEVER have to wear MASKS! No need to wait months for a vaccine! (Email Proof of Invention)

There will never be a contagious airborne disease Pandemic ever again! There will never be a contagious airborne disease Epidemic ever again! The yearly flu will be a part of history. Even the common cold will become very uncommon!

We at aBetterLife4All.Online are not hoping for financial gain from this Epidemic ending idea. We are hoping for Public Recognition to help us carry out Our Achievable Goals>

Well, not ALL airborne diseases will be eliminated. Epidemics caused by organic organisms, microorganisms, that are airborne transmitted from human to human will be eliminated. However, diseases caused by air pollutants and other toxins that are not transmitted from human to human will remain. However, they are a small minority of airborne Epidemics, soon to be the ONLY airborne Epidemics.

Airborne Contagious diseases are quickly transmitted in public buildings when many people mingle rebreathing and exposing their EYES, nose, and mouth to the same unsterilized air. We believe, if this mode of transmission is removed, contagious airborne diseases would not spread far or fast. Contagious airborne Epidemics will never be noticed ever again!

The main airborne contagious disease transmission zones are in buildings where strangers gather and contagions are concentrated in small masses of slow-moving air. Covid-19 can linger in airborne droplets for hours indoors. All other zones are insignificant in comparison. By sterilizing the air in significant buildings and people avoiding unsterilized buildings, airborne contagious diseases will not be transmitted enough to spread far or fast. If people only entered Sterilized buildings, airborne contagious diseases would not spread AT ALL!

No more flu! No more flu shots! Even the common cold will become very uncommon.

Back to Major Topics.

Contagion concentration in Transmission Zones:

The concentration of contagions is near ZERO in Buildings with sterilized VERTICAL Ventilation.

The concentration is minor outdoors where the air volume is huge and even the slightest breeze will disperse contagions. 

HOWEVER, outside areas with large groups of people as on sidewalks in large cities, outside public events, etc. will require EYE, nose, and mouth protection to stop the spread of contagious airborne diseases.

The concentration of contagions is far greater inside buildings that have little airflow: the air is stagnant and confined in a small volume and can hold contagions airborne for hours. These contagions can be in droplets expelled during coughing or sneezing. Contagions can also be in bio aerosols-tiny moisture particles expelled when talking and even during normal breathing. 

Buildings with typical ventilation, heating, or air conditioning have near-horizontal airflow that is usually filtered but not sterilized is worse than stagnant air, because the contagion is moving and is less likely to fall to the floor and is returned inside the building greatly increasing the concentration! It is possible the contagions will be airborne for DAYS circulating again and again thru the system! And the concentration increases every time an infected person enters the building!

Homes will not require Sterilized Air, because family members and friends will not be bringing home any airborne contagious diseases, as long as they enter only Air Sterilized buildings where strangers enter.

Mutates: Contagious microorganisms often mutate faster than vaccines can be developed. Why bother to run this deadly race. Why bother indeed! Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems in significant buildings will be waiting to destroy all mutations the moment they mutate! 

Back to Major Topics.

YES, Masks can stop a Pandemic, but why wait for one to start before wearing EYE, nose, and mouth masks? Why wait for thousands to die before the public starts wearing masks?

Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems will prevent a Pandemic from even starting EVER AGAIN!

We do believe that every significant building in the World can be equipped with an Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) System that will eliminate ALL contagious airborne diseases! Even if NO-ONE wears a mask. EVEN the previous “at-risk” people will be safe! Building owners will install to reopen their businesses.

A simple, low-cost, easy-to-install Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) System can be installed in every public building around the World! Simple pipes or ducts can be attached to the floor and ceiling. Holes can be placed every few feet. Every exhale will be immediately vacuumed vertically away. The installation cost will be far less than the losses caused by the shutdown, insignificant compared to the cost of the building. Most owners of a shutdown building will quickly install to reopen and be back in business!

ALL contagions will not linger even for a second, let alone for hours!  Ducts from different rooms or from ducts in a large room can be joined together to feed into a fan and sterilizer. The sterilized output can go back into the building or outside the building.

Back to Major Topics.

How to encourage quick installation: Once installed, a sign can be posted on the building stating:

SafestAir4You.com(TM) Installed.
Facemasks & 6′ NOT required.

People will choose these buildings to enter. Competitors will have to install or lose most of their patrons! That is: if one currently open department store chain installs, its competitor must install or lose customers. All shutdown buildings can reopen once they install.

aBetterLife4All.Online(TM) grants permission to freely display our Trademark
SafestAir4You.com(TM) without any compensation to us.

INDEED we request you display our Trademark in gratitude for ending this Covid-19 shutdown and future shutdowns and for saving 400 MILLION lives over the next 20 years. Note: several of our other Ideas will also have great benefits for Humanity!

Sterilizing vs Sanitizing:
Sterilizing should not be confused with sanitizing. Sanitizing reduces many microorganisms: many bacteria but few viruses. Sterilizing destroys most microorganisms. Sanitizing will not destroy, and will not “kill” most viruses, because they are not “living” microorganisms. Sterilizing will destroy most microorganisms, including most viruses.
Sterilizing destroys most viable (capable of growing or developing) microorganisms (as by the use of steam or dry heat). Most surgical instruments are sterilized in a high-temperature, high-pressure steam autoclave.

How should the air be sterilized? Filters have to be changed often and just COLLECT contagions that must be handled and destroyed. Filtration systems have failed and caused their own diseases.

A safer way is to send airborne diseases to their destruction. X-rays,  UV-C, gas, electric, and microwave ovens will kill ALL organic, airborne pestilence! Sterilizing can be done by burning in the winter and freezing in the summer! Filters can be installed, after sterilization, to capture pathogens that can’t be destroyed by heat or cold: disease-causing pollutants.

Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) is a powerful choice. More than one sterilizing and one filtering method can be used in the same system for nearly 100% sterilizing and filtering.

All Airborne organisms and pollution are destroyed or filtered (99.9%): COVID-19 virus, ALL viruses, All bacteria, All germs, All microbes, All fungi, All parasites, All molds, All spores, All algae, All protozoans, All pollens, All microorganism, All pollution and All, etc.! That is ALL airborne pathogens and more!

Back to Major Topics.

Airflow: 45 degrees vertically at 4 feet above the floor: The Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) System can be powerful enough to make sure air and contagions move vertically away from people’s faces, instead of horizontally INTO people’s faces. As long as the air is moving vertically at 45 degrees or steeper at 4 feet or less above the floor, all neighbors’ faces will have sterilized air, free from ALL contagions!  A soft breeze moving near the vertical is all that is needed; it will almost be unnoticeable!

When air is moving downward, below 4 feet the “dirty, exhaled” air can be moving horizontally and not enter people’s EYES, nose, or mouth. The power of the Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems could be increased so air is moving down vertically at 60 degrees or steeper at 2 feet or less above the floor, so even people’s fingertips will not get contaminated. Short people could be exposed for a very short time; contagions are whisked away in a fraction of a second; and short people could wear EYE, nose, and mouth protection.

If the air is coming from below, it will be sterilized and the “dirty, human-exhaled” air will be above most people’s heads.

If the sterilized air goes back into the building, the inside air pressure can be kept greater than the outside air pressure to prevent any contaminated air from entering the building, EVEN when the door is open! Some air from the outside must be sterilized to keep the air oxygenated.

A less simple, more expensive system that exports air outside can have input ports with sterilizers to let in only “clean, sterilized” air; a fan can keep out “dirty” air when doors are open.

Back to Major Topics.

Large rooms: To achieve a vertical soft breeze, large rooms will need ventilation ports throughout the room.

Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) System Components: Sterilizing unit or units. Reversible fan or fans. Floor-air ducts, ceiling-air ducts. Floor manifolds (ducts with air holes), ceiling manifolds. Vertical ducts to connect floor-air ducts suspended near the ceiling to floor manifolds. 

Example of a Department Store installation: Ceiling manifolds are suspended near the ceiling. Floor-air ducts are suspended near the ceiling to keep them up and out of the way. Vertical ducts drop down on the edge of some display shelves. Floor manifolds run along the base of those shelves.

Example of a Movie Theater Installation: Ceiling manifolds are suspended near the ceiling. To keep them out of the way, some floor ducks, with or without air holes, could run along the base of the walls, looping up and around doorways. Vertical ducts would block the view of the movie screen and are not needed. Floor manifolds run under some rows of seats. Channels cut across aisles may be needed for floor-air ducts. Or better yet, have floor-air ducks in the self-closing aisle swinging doors to let moviegoers in or out. The swinging doors will be closed most of the time.

Example of a Dance floor or Basketball floor installation: Rows of airflow channels can be cut in the floor and covered with a material with small holes.

Example of a Football field installation: Rows of ducts or hoses could be buried a few inches below the surface with flexible small air tubes reaching up to the surface.

Example of an Ice Skating Rink installation: Rows of insulated ducts could be buried several inches below the surface with small air tubes reaching up just below the surface. Warm air will keep the air holes open.

Open-air stadiums could have vacuum manifolds under the seats that draw exhaled contagions away from neighbors into these manifolds and destroy them before being expelled to the outside air.

Don’t forget the bathrooms. Many of them already have vertical ventilation to eliminate the stinkies.

Back to Major Topics.

Here’s how to reopen ALL movie theaters with sterilized air and synchronized SMELLS! Reopen at full capacity and without masks! The following play demonstrates the technique and why people will go to theaters instead of watching movies at home!

This system could be installed in ONE theater and verified by medical professionals, then approved by government officials.

Play Title: Near Future Theaters

The setting of this Play is the near future when most public buildings have installed Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems. An excited couple is leaving a movie theater after experiencing their first movie with sight, sound, SafestAir4You.com(TM), and now SMELLS!

She: That was the most exciting, the most seductive movie I have ever seen!

He: It was because of the smells! The perfectly timed smells added so much realism to the movie. The smell of the Steak and Egg breakfast special at Mel’s Diner was incredibly realistic! Let’s have breakfast at Mel’s Diner tomorrow.

She: OK. I just love Mel’s Diner rock & roll jukebox music.

He: The smell of the gas leak was so real; I was afraid the theater would explode.

She: That was only an additive put in gas to give it the odor of rotten eggs.

He: How do they sterilize the air? How do they add the smells?

She: I looked under the seats. I felt a slight breeze coming from holes in ducts under the seats. The breeze is strong enough to quickly carry away any contagion in the air without infecting a person nearby. Near the ceiling were more ducts with holes. Fans must draw the air up then into sterilizing unit then back into the floor ducts. Any smell can be added to the breeze at any time.

He: I loved Mariah’s perfume!

She: Yeah! His cologne was totally seductive! The perfume and the cologne merging was the most seductive scene I ever saw!

He: Do you remember the name of that seductive perfume?

She: Yes, I do! Let’s get some on the way home. I want you! I’m so excited to try that position.

He: I was thinking the same thing! We are going back to Movie Theaters like never before. This will be a great boom for the theaters: It’ll be quite some time before home entertainment will have smells like that!  Let’s come back tomorrow; I want to see, hear, and SMELL that movie again!

She: You got a date My Hunk of Man!

End of Play.

Works with all systems: Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems will work with all existing ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems. The Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) System can move air up or down depending on heating or cooling.

Works even with low-pressure systemsThis concept will even work with low-pressure systems where outside pressure is greater than inside pressure. Thus outside air will come in through doors etc. before going through the sterilizing unit. But this does not matter much, because the outside air will be quickly drawn vertically and into the sterilizing unit. COVID-19 enters through the door, gets drawn away from people, and is destroyed by the sterilizing unit. Extra manifolds can be at all doorways to ensure quick destruction. Besides, most of the contagions are brought into the building by infected people rather than by outside air that has low concentrations of contagions.

Back to Major Topics.

Types of buildings to Safely Open: Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems can be added to libraries, religious buildings, schools, dorms, medical facilities, nursing homes, offices, movie theaters, restaurants, malls, stores, museums, casinos, dance studios, football fields, ice skating rinks, outdoor and indoor stadiums, etc.

Homes of the weak, public transportation, and stadiums:

Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems can be added to HOMES to protect family members with weakened immune systems. However, most homes will not require Sterilized Air, because family members and friends will not be bringing home any airborne contagious diseases, as long as they enter only Air Sterilized buildings where strangers enter.

Public transportation can have air sterilized to prevent the spread of contagious airborne diseases: commercial airlines, ships, buses, trains, etc

Most countries could install Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems in most buildings. The poorest countries could receive help from their neighbors for everyone’s benefit.

Kaiser Permanente could make this happen:

We have given Kaiser this concept. If Kaiser, a giant in the medical field, endorses this concept, government officials may lift restrictions on buildings that have installed this Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) System. Kaiser could lead the way by installing a system in just ONE of their medical buildings to prove the concept. Note: the installation in just ONE ROOM will prove the concept. Kaiser can prove that such an Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) System does produce safe, contagion-free sterilized air!

Kaiser will long be remembered as the organization that ended shutdowns forever and saved 400 million lives over a period of 20 years.

If Kaiser (or any other medical group) proves this concept for World Benefit, their name will be with the names:  Hippocrates, Louis Pasteur, Jonas Salk, Christiaan Barnard, Sigismund Freud, and Kaiser’s World War 2 Liberty ships!

We will be very happy to work with Kaiser (or any other medical group) to develop the Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems tailored to their buildings. We will do this at no cost to Kaiser. We are willing to pay all salaries and expenses of our Senior Design Engineers.

It will give us great pleasure to see signs on buildings stating:

SafestAir4You.com(TM) Installed.

Facemasks & 6′ NOT required.

Back to Major Topics.

Other Leaders could make this happen: Anyone of the following could install an Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) System in just ONE of their buildings, then have medical experts verify the Air is Sterilized and nearly 100% safe. That should convince most local, state, and Federal Governments that buildings with Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation.com(TM) Systems are safe to reopen.

AMC Theatres, Cinemark USA, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Mel’s Diner (my choice for steak and eggs), Denny’s, Carl’s Jr.


Contact Governments at  USA.gov>

This is our masterpiece, our most beneficial project ever, our Summa Opus, so far anyway. It is my personal most beneficial concept and design of my entire career. Most of us believe our Ideas come from the CREATOR above; I sure do. I am very happy to be an Apprentice to the CREATOR, the greatest Concept and Design Engineer ever.

We are hoping this project will be aBetterLife4All.Online’s lightning rod. We are hoping it will bring notice by the public, so we can carry out our other Achievable Goals>. The lightning rod, which has saved countless buildings from destruction, was invented by Ben Franklin and was how he was first brought to public attention. 

Most of us are retired and have more interest in Paradise than in money, just as Ben Franklin did. We desire Paradise for More people now, and Future Paradise for All!


Building and business owners contact a local heating and air conditioning company and reopen your businesses!

Employees let your employer know they can install then reopen and get back to work!

Contact your federal, state, and local elected leaders thru USA.gov>

Send inquiries to Groups Who know this Information and ask them what they are doing to help save 400 million lives and prevent future shutdowns? They haven’t listened to us yet: we are but one voice in tens of thousands. Your voice may be the one they listen to!

Search for, then post comments on related Internet articles.

Spread the word in your own way.


Back to Major Topics.

In the meantime, EYE Protection will STOP COVID-19: Highlights: EYE Protection with Masks WILL stop the Global COVID-19 Pandemic by preventing COVID-19 droplets from entering the EYES! “EYES: COVID-19 Portals of Death”(TM)! Most people have their noses and mouths covered. Few people protect their EYES! Let’s get back to living inside the 6-foot circle! Let’s end this Financially and Emotionally Devastating Shutdown NOW!

Masks can eliminate contagious airborne diseases if…

If EVERYONE in public buildings wore nose and mouth masks, human-to-human airborne diseases would be eliminated. But that will never happen: too many people go maskless!

If EVERYONE in public buildings who wears masks now, also wore EYE protection, contagious airborne diseases would be eliminated. That could happen.

If EVERY at-risk person in public buildings wore EYE, nose, and mouth protection, ALL contagious airborne disease DEATHS would be eliminated. That could also happen and end the shutdown!

Back to Major Topics.

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TRADEMARKS of Ideas4Humanity.com:
“EYES: COVID-19 Portals of Death”(TM)

Who has been given this knowledge to save 400 million lives and prevent future shutdowns: List moved>



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