EYE Protection Ends COVID-19 Shutdown!

Highlights: COVID-19 Infects thru Unprotected EYES! EYE, nose, and mouth Protection Negates the 6′ Rule and the Shutdown. End the COVID-19 Global Shutdown NOW!

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AKA: Resume DINE-IN With Electric Air Purifiers!

AKA: COVID-19 Strengthens Humanity by Weeding out the Weak?

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The 6′ Rule is bogus for many reasons: infected people leave a wake of droplets 8′ wide wherever they pass. Droplets can stay airborne for hours waiting to infect unprotected EYES crossing that wake. There are INVISIBLE COVID-19 wakes all around us. If there is a breeze, the infectious wake can be hundreds of yards wide in a few hours.

The 6′ marks on the ground are dangerous for unprotected EYES. It takes about 3 seconds to move up the 6′. The wait to move up to the next mark is often more than 3 minutes. Thus the concentration of COVID-19 droplets is AT LEAST 60 times greater at the marks! The droplets do not move up with the infected person; the droplets can wait airborne for hours to infect anyone unprotected. FEW people wear EYE protection. ALL the unprotected EYES are in danger of becoming carriers or becoming dead.

I don’t stop at those dangerous marks! I wait Midway and leave the mark ahead vacant. Then I quickly pass through the mark to the next Midway, even though I have all three input ports protected!

The 6-foot rule originated for medical people to stay away from a contagious person unless, I repeat strongly UNLESS the medical person is wearing a mask! The 6-foot rule is negated for medical people, when they wear masks! Then the medical person can get within touching distance to aid the patient and be SAFE! Now, during this pandemic, most people are wearing masks, so we are double safe!

However, people are still catching COVID-19, because a few carriers do not cover their nose and mouths, and because most people don’t protect their EYES! For every vulnerable person that dies, more than 350 healthier people become carriers and a few of them become COVID-19 distributors by not wearing nose and mouth covering, they are the ones that sustain this pandemic.

Not all medical people protect their EYES all the time. I see many pictures of medical people in a contagious area with masks but without EYE protection. Many medical people don’t heed the unseen wake of contamination they can cross before they get within 6 feet of a contagious person?

EVEN a vulnerable person, that one person in 77 that die if infected, will be about 99.9% SAVE with EYE, nose, and mouth protection, EVEN well within the 6 FOOT CIRCLE!

The UNSEEN COVID-19 wakes are all around us waiting for unprotected EYES!

Resume DINE-IN With Electric Air Purifiers!

Before 8 am Saturday, August 1, 2020, DonDesignJr of http://www.Paradise4Humanity.com got the Idea that Electric Air Purifiers at EACH table in a restaurant will vacuum ALL the droplets, mist, and air exhaled by every person at that table, and filter the air before releasing it into the room (Proof>). This will allow customers to eat without masks and without contaminating the restaurant’s air, the other people at the table, and the food on the table. Note: Everyone not sitting at a table will have to wear masks covering at least their nose and mouth.
A standard “in one side, out the other side” Electric Air Purifier can be put on one corner of a table and do the job!
Even strangers can Dine-In together at the same table without masks! Everyones’ exhales will be vacuumed directly to the Purifier and not be breathed in by the other table occupants. The contents of all the exhales will not have a chance to land on food that is about to be eaten. A powerful sneeze or cough could overpower the Electric Air Purifier and contaminate other person’s food, inhale, or EYES. Sneezing or coughing into a napkin or shirt sleeve will protect everyone in the room. The food will have to be delivered from behind the customer and from the side furthest from the Purifier. The food should be delivered low, a few inches above the tabletop.
Let’s get back to Restaurant Dining Inside!
Electric Air Purifiers could be used at home for dining with guests or just with family members who go out during the day and could bring ANY airborne disease home with them. If there is a family member who has a weakened immune system, it would be safer, if everyone wore masks all the time and/or had Electric Air Purifiers in each room.

COVID-19 may be nature’s way of weeding out the weak to strengthen our species. Similar to predators killing the weakest prey to strengthen those species. Perhaps we should end the shutdown and let COVID-19 take its course. This shutdown is weakening the entire human species economically, and we may never recover. Perhaps we should let harsh nature kill the weak and strengthen the rest of our human species. 

Paradise4Humanity does not believe this harsh reality of nature is the best way. We believe humans have evolved above the course of harsh nature. Indeed, we humans have been given the brainpower to supersede nature, even to DIRECT the course of nature! Let’s do it wisely!

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