Proof of Invention: DINE-IN With Electric Air Purifiers!


We at are not hoping for financial gain for this idea. We are hoping for Recognition to help us carry out Our Achievable Goals>
Copy of email Don sent to his Google and Yahoo email addresses. We can forward the email to anyone:


DINE-IN With Electric Air Purifiers!

Aug 1 at 2:18 PM
Don DesignJr <>
To: DonDesignJrY <>,Sr Engineer/Spokesperson <>
Before 8 am Saturday, August 1, 2020, DonDesignJr of got the Idea that Electric Air Purifiers at EACH table in a restaurant will vacuum ALL the droplets, mist, and air exhaled by every person at the table, and filter it before releasing it into the room. This will allow customers to eat without masks and without contaminating the restaurant’s air. Note: Everyone not sitting at the table will have to wear masks.
A standard “in one side, out the other side” Electric Air Purifier can be put on one corner of a table and do the job!
Let’s get back to Restaurant Dining Inside!
Correction to Note in Email: Note: Everyone not sitting at “A” table will have to wear masks.

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