High School Grads Earn Ph.D.!

Highlights: We can graduate the AVERAGE high school students with BS degrees and the more dedicated students with PhDs. Four Learning Techniques can be used to greatly increase classroom and individual learning: Speedreading, Math Programs, Efficient Tutoring, and an Exciting Learning Game.
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AKA: Four Techniques Accelerate Learning!

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The four techniques that can start at elementary school are:

Speedreading the vacuum cleaner of knowledge. Theodore Roosevelt could read a 200-page book in 15 minutes! He would remember and UNDERSTAND the entire book. He read 4 books a day, even as President! Experts would come to the Oval Office and Teddy would usually know as much as those experts on almost every subject. It is amazing. Other speed readers: Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, FDR, JFK, and many others. There are many free programs online. Imagine reading a years History book in ONE HOUR!

Math programs like Mathematica by Wolfram solves the simplest thru the most complex equations instantly and shows graphic displays. Students can vary elements of each equation and quickly see and UNDERSTAND what the equations represent.

DonDesignJr’s method of tutoring a week’s study of some subjects in one hour. Liberal arts college students received A’s in math and physics without reading the textbook, doing the homework, or even listing in class! Just one hour a week with Don got them ALL A’s. Don did their homework for them, explained each problem and solution, making sure to carry the units in the equations, units like miles, kilometers, hours, tons, gallons, etc. Then Don has the student explain all the solutions back to him. Don could tell if the student understood and would clear up any confusion. Then Don would say, “The test problems will be similar to these homework problems with a few variations” Then Don would go thru each problem again and make variations and asked the student how to solve the problem. Don would again clear up any confusion. Don would stay with the student until Don was sure the student understood. One hour was plenty for most students. One student took 4 hours a week; this History major had NO interest in Physics until Don explained how important developments in Physics was to History. Then Don would give all the student a copy of all the solutions to take home and put in their own handwriting to turn in. An advanced student can tutor this way. A teacher can use this method to help a student that has fallen behind; “Computer Play & Learn”(TM) will give teachers time to help individual students.                                                                             

DonDesignJr’s “Computer Play & Learn”(TM) teaches 1 thru 40 students in an exciting game format that has the modes: learn 100 facts, play the game, take the test, grade the test all in one hour! One computer is connected to a big screen TV for all students to see. The Learn mode shows the question and the answer and can be run at ever-increasing speeds. The Game mode shows all the students’ names with their score, which moves up as they answer questions. The question is shown with one student’s name. Once that student answers, the computer operator presses a key to show the answer. If the answer was correct, the operator presses the correct key and random points (1-6) are added to the score, and their name moves up the list. Random points allow ANY student to win, not just the best students. Names are picked at random so EVERYONE stays alert and LEARNING.

In-class examplesA shy student starts shouting out the answers! The worst student in the class wins the game and becomes a good student! ALL special-ed students in TWO classes score 100% on the tests! The first special class paid attention to win candy for each correct answer. The second special class paid attention to find out who was smarter, the boys or the girls! End of Examples. The program can be run by one capable student, giving teachers time for individual students.

Individuals or small groups of students can Play & Learn advanced subjects in school or at home to earn their Ph.D.

Don gives the game program for free. Schools can make their own data disk. Or schools can buy each data disk, one for each years’ curriculum subject for $20/subject/school and schools can make copies freely!

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