The Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM)

Highlights: The Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM) are Financial Strength, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Social Cooperation, and Spiritual Strength. Many of our Achievable Goals will Strengthen these Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM).

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AKA: Five-ChainLinks-to-Wellness(TM)

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Paradise4ALL Defined> Paradise4ALL is not here now. Paradise4ALL Will Happen!

Many of Our Achievable Goals> will Strengthen The Five-ChainLinks-to-Paradise(TM).

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Everybody has there own beliefs and needs. Here are some Ideas that maybe useful to you.

Includes methods to increase personal and group Financial-Wellness(TM).
Prosperity Thru Tax Changes!> 
Books: Think and Grow Rich>Rich Dad, Poor Dad>.
Videos: Darren Hardy of SUCCESS magazine>.
Regional Occupational Programs (ROP)>>  Advanced Personal Development.
Landmark Forum>  Programs for personal development.


ELIMINATE ALL Airborne Diseases>! by using
Food Addict’s> dietary and 12-Step> concepts.’s> weight loss and weight management plans.

PAIR-Counseling(TM) is a powerful way to relieve underlying emotional pain that causes Emotional Disorder. It is a off shoot of Co-counseling> (read this to understand the technique) from Re-evaluation Counseling> but includes dialog after each person shares discussing what the client said. In addition, the listener of PAIR-Counseling(TM) receive Emotional-Inoculations(TM) by hearing how the “client” responds to “incidents,” so when “it” happens to you, you will be better prepared.

This works because: Writing and speaking forces the mind to slow down to writing or speaking speed. Then writing or speaking organizes, identifies, then relieves pain-causing subconscious thoughts. Left unorganized these nebulous thoughts constantly lingering in one’s mind ever circling and encroaching on one’s well-being whenever stimulated by similar current events. Once identified, the conscious mind can reprogram the subconscious mind to react to similar current events appropriately.

Example: I had PTSD for 15 years and didn’t know it. I was in a terrifying, deadly tornado in Oklahoma. For 15 years, I occasionally fell into a two-week unexplained funk. After 15 years, I talked with a friend about the several, random two-week funks I suffered. Talking about it made me realize all the “random” funks were triggered by clouds darkening quickly, or heavy rain, or hail, and even when I heard the song Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain). My conscious mind then reprogramed my subconscious mind to look for a tornado when triggered, then to react or not depending on the current event. I have not been in a single tornado funk (or a tornado) for several decades. I was in the funnel of the tornado, not many people survive that. It is still very disturbing to think about it, but I do not go into a funk anymore.

Conflict-PREVENTION(TM): At least once a week couples, friends, and accioates should ask each other, “Have I upset you this week?” If yes, apply the steps of our Conflict-PREVENTION(TM) based on Dr. Thomas Gordon’s Conflict Resolution> , and our Anger Management techniques.

12-Step Programs>,

Social-Wellness(TM) is the wholesome interactions between people: from  One to One, FAMILY life, all the way up to Nation to Nation, even if people or groups have different circumstances of birth, upbringing, well-connected relatives or friends, religion, gender, ethnicity, race, caste, disability, age, gender, or sexual orientation. Tolerance is the acceptance of other points of view.

The Keys to Inner Emotional-Wellness(TM) listed above are essential to increase Social-Tolerance-For-Wellness(TM). We believe our Ideas based on Dr. Thomas Gordon’s techniques can accomplish his life mission: to help the world get along better. His techniques are now used in over 50 countries.

In addition to Conflict-PREVENTION(TM) we recommend PAIR-Counseling(TM) see Emotional Wellness, Group Counseling, 12-Step Programs, The Ten Commandments, and The Golden Rule.>  Advanced Personal Development.
Landmark Forum>  Programs for personal development.


We at believe as Paul did in Romans 14: we accept those who have different believes, and we don’t argue with them, and we don’t feel we are better than them, and we don’t believe they are wrong. We know GOD accepts them all.

Some of us feel the presents of JESUS when we listen to In the Garden by Elvis; we share our pains and joys with JESUS, and JESUS takes our pain on HIMSELF and increases our joys!

We recommend Church, Bible study, and discussion, and Prayer

A2 Spiritual Faith.A3 God is With Me!.>  Advanced Personal Development.
Landmark Forum>  Programs for personal development.


We welcome your opinion, please leave a Comment or Reply at the end of this or any Article. Your Email, name, and website are optional.

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