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Highlights: Listen to any text article! Great for proofreading! These two simple, quick, and free programs will greatly improve the impact of your writing and your credibility as an author.
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AKA: Audio Proofread Your Articles.

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Hear the AUDIO version of any Article! Copy and Paste to Text To Speech Reader.  I like to listen while I do chores, drive,  rest, etc. Or use Microsoft’s Narrator, or download a reader.

FYI: Proofreading is MUCH easier with the Text To Speech Reader. It will catch mistakes like “personnel” instead of “personal,” and “test” instead of “text.” The “TTS Reader” will let you HEAR mistakes often missed when you read the text, because you, the author, know what the word should be and will not SEE the error that your audience will see. You will also HEAR if your message is unclear

The combination of Text To Speech Reader and Grammarly will make your writing sharp and consistent, your expressions clear, and the overall readability of your writing enhanced. This combination will correct surface errors in writing, such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other language mistakes, and eliminate the common and overlooked errors that often plague writers.

Synonyms: Double-clicking on a word, while using Grammarly, will show words with similar meanings. This is great for making sure you have the right word or if you want to find a better word.

These two simple, quick, and free programs will greatly improve the impact of your writing and your credibility as an author.

We welcome your opinion, please leave a Comment or Reply at the end of this or any Article. Your Email, name, and website are optional.

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Published: 200625. Posted: 200625.

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