PTSD Kills 6 foot Python!

Highlights: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a function of The Reptilian mind. PTSD can be subdued and/or harnessed by the Superior cognitive conscious Human mind. 

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Pythons need to be fed every two or three weeks. If a live rat is placed in the python’s cage when the snake is not hungry, the python will not eat it, will not kill it. The rat may panic and attack, biting the monster python! Once bitten, the python will not forget the Trauma and will starve to death out of fear of being attacked by ANY far weaker rat. The stupid reptile chose flight over fight, go figure!

Our human subconscious mind, often called The Reptilian mind or triune brain, can cause us to fight or flight on unwarranted fear. Once our Superior human conscious mind realizes the danger is over or is not real, we do not let the reptilian mind control us, when similar safe situations happen. We humans can judge what is safe and not safe and fight or flight when necessary.

I had PTSD for 15 years. I am but one of the few living humans who were out in the open inside the funnel of an Oklahoma tornado! I was in the funnel of death! I know what fear is! 

It took my superior human conscious mind 15 years to subdue my reptilian mind from fearing strong winds, heavy rains, dark clouds blocking the sun, and the song Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain and the wind comes right behind the rain. Anyone of these unknowingly caused me to go in a two-week funk. Once I realized what was causing the funk and realized the danger was over, my PTSD ended. The thought of my tornado trauma and the 12 people that died, including my best friend Dave, who was standing feet from me when the monster killer hit us, still makes me shudder and weep 50 years later, but no longer subdues me for two weeks. Tornadoes ARE very ferocious and frightening! Tornadoes kill a thousand Americans every year! That is more Americans EVER killed by earthquakes. I am safe now in California!

Are we descendants of reptiles? We believe the CREATOR designed the simplest life. Then improved upon life, until we humans were created! We were created with a brain as powerful as the CREATOR’s! The CREATOR wanted equals, not pets! Each and every one of us is of great interest to the CREATOR!

We welcome your opinion, please leave a Comment or Reply at the end of this or any Article. Your Email, name, and website are optional.

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