My Mother, my Priest, and a Policeman are Watching.

Highlights: The DIVINE SPIRIT of the CREATOR within ALL of us watches everything I do.

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AKA: We are ALL Being Watched by the CREATOR!

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Aleks Vorobets a high level, powerful businessman, a licensed real estate broker turned “Affordable Housing Advocate” said he never does a transaction without thinking that his Mother, his Priest, and a Policeman are Watching. He says, “These high-level principles have guided me and kept me out of trouble. I must say that my ethical behavior is not driven by someone watching but for the desire to work and compete within the boundaries of accepted behavior. A universal law is that like attracts like kind. So it’s an every evolving self-reinforcing experience that makes for a life well-lived.” My thought after hearing this was, “Wow, high level, powerful, and ethical is very refreshing!”

What about me, I thought. The DIVINE SPIRIT of the CREATOR within ALL of us watches everything I do. As do my Father and Mother in Heaven. I also know that cheating is bad for business because word gets around. I also know that in Heaven, I will have to make amends to anyone I have harmed (Heaven Will be hell for MANY!). And I will receive praise in Heaven from anyone I helped.

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