Vote For New NFL-Unnecessary-Roughness-Rule(TM).

Highlights: You take out our #2 player, Rob Gronkowski; your #2 player can’t play either. To vote: click on like and or make a comment.
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AKA: The-Gronk-NFL-Rule(TM).
AKA: Patriots win Super Bowl 52! Eagles Disqualified for Felony!

By Don Design Jr>  &  WTC3-57-DMI.

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It appears that some NFL teams will GLADLY and DESPICABLY accept an Unnecessary Roughness penalty to INTENTIONALLY “Take Out” an opponent’s key player. It appears Rob Gronkowski was ATTACKED intentionally in the 2017 Championship game. It appears their “Game Plan” was to knock Gronk out as soon as possible. They knew no other way to defeat Gronk; they HAD no other way to defeat him. It appears to be OBNOXIOUS and CRASS. We have seen this MANY times before! Yes! To reduce this, create a New NFL-Unnecessary-Roughness-Rule(TM), perhaps named The-Gronk-Rule(TM):

Before each game, teams post an Unnecessary-Roughness-List(TM): 22 players on each team numbered 1-22.

If a player is knocked out of the game with Unnecessary Roughness, the same numbered player on the attacking team can not return to the game until the CERTIFIED INJURED attacked player returns to the game. Thus, if the #2 player is Certified Injured by Unnecessary Roughness, the attacking team’s same numbered player can not play, in that game, until the Certified Injured player returns to that game.

NOTE: The word “Unnecessary” implies Intentional!

The new NFL-Unnecessary-Roughness-Rule(TM) penalty could be: Loss of same numbered player + Ejection of attacking player + 15 yards + 1st down.

VOTE for a new NFL-Unnecessary-Roughness-Rule(TM): click on like and or make a comment.

TAKE ACTION: send our link with your comment or our comment to the NFL and the Players’ Association! Please send your comments to us as well. Make comments to us at the end of this article. Letters and postcards will have a greater impact, now that is Necessary Roughness!
Our comment: Increase the Unnecessary Roughness Penalty.
Our link:

What you can do: Send your views to:

NFL> or send a letter to 345 Park Ave, New York, NY 10154

NFL Players Association>  or send a letter to 1133 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Send us a comment and we will pass it on to the NFL and Players.


Another article about Unnecessary Roughness:

Patriots win Super Bowl 52! Eagles Disqualified for Felony!

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One Response to Vote For New NFL-Unnecessary-Roughness-Rule(TM).

  1. Bryan Hoy Commented on Facebook: How about if you injure a player on a helmet to helmet you are suspended until the guy you hurt returns to play, be that a game, season, or career?


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