EBT Cards could be Modified to Record Donations!

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Highlights of this article: ANY merchant could offer a discount to EBT card holders. The EBT Cards identify the Needy and could keep records of donations.

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Some merchants want to make tax deductible donations to help Low Income People, but merchants find identifying the Low Income People and the record keeping difficult. The State of California issues EBT Cards to Low Income People. Not only does EBT identify the Needy, but also ranks them as to how needy they are. The State of California can keep records for merchants by modifying the EBT Card.

ANY merchant can offer a discount to EBT card holders. Even if no EBT money is used in the purchase, the EBT cards can keep track of the discount amount as a tax deductible donation made by the merchant. The EBT Card could even inform the merchant what percentage of the discount each EBT Card holder receives depending on need.

The donation is made to the State of California and received by the EBT card holder! At the end of the tax period, the State of California can make available the donation records to each merchant and the Federal Government.

This is a great way for the State of California to encourage donations to help its Needy Citizens. California can deny accepting donations from any merchant or for any products or services.

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