Strengthening EXISTING Buildings To SURVIVE F5 Tornadoes!

Highlights of this article: Using our ideas, a reinforced building will survive a 2 1/2 MILE WIDE, 300 MPH, F5 TORNADO!  This will reduce the path of F5 destruction to ZERO! Cost of materials to protect a house against a F3 tornado will be a few $100. To protect against a F5 will cost a few $1000 for materials!
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AKA: Taming Killer Tornadoes!

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UpDated: 160804=yymmdd. Started: 1607?? First started in 1994.

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Tornadoes kill about 1000 Americans each year, injure 1500, and an uncounted number of people suffer emotional pain and fear. A friend was upset for months, because his laptop was stolen! I can not imagine how people feel when their whole house, including their family, along with their laptop are destroyed by a tornado. It gives me great pain to think about it.

Reinforcing EXISTING Buildings:
We, I mainly, have been thinking  for 3 decades about reinforcing EXISTING buildings to resist tornadoes. A few days ago, we realized the final Ideas to resist the strongest tornadoes with the goal of significantly narrowing the path of destruction!

Since then, I have come to believe that a reinforced building with our Ideas will survive a TWO AND A HALF MILE WIDE, THREE HUNDRED MPH, F5 TORNADO!!!!! That’s the biggest and the baddest! This, I believe, will reduce the path of F5 destruction to ZERO!

The  cost of materials to protect a 2000 square foot, 3 bedroom house against a F3 tornado will be a few hundred dollars. To protect against a F5 will be a few thousand dollars.

The first day a F5 tornado goes through a town and nobody is killed, will be one of my best days ever! That is, nobody INSIDE a reinforced building is killed. Even the first kill-less F3 will be a very good day! ANY DAY, a tornado is unable to kill ANYBODY, will be a good day for me!

I will visit towns and people saved by our Ideas. A close friend of mine said, “They may see you as a hero greater than Hercules!” Hercules is a fable that defeated several powerful monsters not as destructive as a F5. They will know I took the claws and teeth away from the “Beast-of-the-Great-Plains(TM).”  They will know I declawed and detoothed the “Terror-of-the-Great-Plains(TM).” A F5 will just be a big blowhard without teeth and claws: he huffs and he puffs but can no longer blow the house down.
. . As for me: I like this Hercules vision of my close friend. However, I am but one of Many Hercules: Three members of the Ideas Committee, our Top Adviser John, a Top Test Engineer, a few Building Contractors,  building materials designers and manufacturers, Federal, State, and Local Politicians. I am sure there are many others!

A Spiritual friend of mine said, “These will also be glorious days for GOD, JESUS, and the HOLY GHOST!!!” The TRINITY knows of all the death, pain, suffering, and fear tornadoes cause. It gives the TRINITY great pain to think about it. Victims give their pain and fear to the TRINITY. The TRINITY absorbs, feels, and bears their pain and returns peace to us, THEIR children.
. . As for me, I like this spiritual aspect from my spiritual friend.

Some people believe The TRINITY sent these Ideas to me for peace on Earth and for THEMSELVES. I do this for Humanity and for the TRINITY. To reduce the pain, suffering, and fear on Earth and in HEAVEN is a great honor for me! I am delighted to be a mere Apprentice to the GREAT DESIGNER>.

We will reveal our Ideas to the public once our Ideas are patent protected. Before that, we will reveal our Ideas to those who need to know and who sign a Nondisclosure Agreement.
. . We intend to use ALL profits to achieve other of Our Achievable Goals> .

We or someone will perform tests to make minimum recommendations for emergency insulation to save lives ASAP!
. . All we have to do is convince one materials manufacture, or one state government, or the federal government, or one insurance company that our patent protected Ideas will save SOME lives and SOME property. A manufacture is our best bet: if they believe they can sell five to ten times their annual production in just ONE year, they will make it happen on a large scale! We could offer exclusive rights to one manufacturer.

The upgrading should start from the South-West side of town and sweep North-East to reduce flying debris, just in case a tornado strikes before the entire town is upgraded.

I Was Asked, “Why My Fascination With Tornadoes?” 
I am not fascinated by tornadoes, but appalled by them.
One main reason is saving lives taking by tornadoes is my Primary Goal. If I don’t select a Primary Goal, NOTHING WILL GET DONE! I have more than 20 goals I want to work on. Ideas come to me at random; I have to stop and work on the new Ideas on other goals or at least make a note to remind myself at a later date.  If I do not, the Idea is lost to me forever. I will spend time on secondary goals, depending on how important they are, but I will always return to the Primary Goal, until it is completed, or there is nothing I can do, while waiting for some external event.
. . My main reason is there will be Great benefit in the saving of lives, injuries, suffering, and fear at a small cost in time and money for me: my part should be completed in a few months.
. . Other reasons: Benjamen Franklin became famous for inventing the Lighting Rod saving lives, injuries, suffering, and fear; perhaps this will do the same for I am VERY excited about visiting towns and people saved by our Ideas and efforts.

Trademarks of
Trademarks End.

Limitations of storm cellars & concrete bunkers:
A entire family may die asleep in bed, when the Killer strikes. Even if you survive in your cellar/bunker, the rest of your house is destroyed! Your HOME is gone!
. . And cellars/bunkers cost many time more than our Ideas for strengthening the ENTIRE house!


Donations> are Gratefully accepted to advance our Ideas of your choosing.

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