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Highlights of this article: Thank You GOD! These ideas came from YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!! Thank YOU!!! I heard a uncounted, rapid fire succession of Ideas from YOU, Our FATHER Above!
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AKA: Cooling Summer’s Heat in My Van!
AKA: I beat the summer HEAT in my RV!

By Don Design Jr>  UpDated: 160718=yymmdd, Started: 160704.


I am very grateful to GOD today, VERY grateful…

I am a Sr Design Engineer on permanent vacation (others say I am retired, but that’s what happens when a baseball player strikes out!) I often travel and live in a RV van conversion. In reality, I am on permanent WORKING vacation! I love it!

In the past, the heat has driven me from my van during the heat of the day. After businesses closed, I had to suffer in my van sometimes till 3 in the morning. It was to hot to sleep.

This morning I realized the final element of turning my van from an oven into a sanctuary from the heat. I can now stay in my van during the hottest part of a 105 degree day. I can also fall asleep day or night and feel safe and secure from criminals and others.

This development has been going on for several days, forced by this heat wave!

This saves me from seeking shelter.

It also has a big impact on my diet: On Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays, the days libraries are closed, I often went to restaurants and faced severe eating temptations. No longer do I have to suffer from the heat or face severe temptations!

Polyphasic Sleeper: I sleep more than once a day. I seldom sleep more than 2 hours at a time, 3 at the most, 4 once that I can remember. I usually fall asleep only when I am exasted. In my active mode, I think to myself, “If I can’t sleep, than get to work.” I could not do that in the hot Summer. Instead, I had to try to force myself to sleep while the van was not too hot. I could not do that, and was very tired most of the time.

Now I can cool my van and sleep anytime I need or want. It is wonderful!

In College I slept only 4 hours per day and was never tired. I slept two, two hour periods per day: 6am-8am, then 6pm-8pm. My classes were in between. I got 4 hours of deep sleep each day.

A recent study of Polyphasic Sleepers> validate my strategy.

Now a better Oven and Dryer! I used to park in the shade as much as possible, because the metal shell held the heat from direct sunlight sometimes till 3 am. Now it does not matter, if I park in the shade or not. Now, in direct sunlight, I can cook or reheat food by putting it in a direct sunlight window! Sun cooked food is delicious! I love it!

I sometimes hand wash a few items in a business’s bathroom sink. Now they dry quick, when I lay them over my van’s steering wheel, when I am out doing something else! Or anywhere in my direct sunlight “van dryer.”

Cool, safe, secure, cooker, and dryer, all this plus sufficient privacy.

Thank You GOD! These ideas came from YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!! Thank YOU!!! I heard a uncounted, rapid fire succession of Ideas from YOU, Our FATHER Above!

I just initiated daytime stage 1 cool down.

I have many levels of cool down. The highest level is so cold, it can be 105 outside, and I’m inside shivering!!!

What freedom, what wonderful freedom. I no longer have to run for air conditioning, when the temperature gets too high! I can now stay “home” and do and eat what I want!! I can plan my day without considering where can I go when it gets too hot!!!

After all, it is the 4th of July 2016, the day we celebrate freedom. I have freedom few people comprehend, let alone experience!

Engineer Hears Whispers from Above> During my Design Engineering career, I heard Whispers from Above many times. This is the first time the Whispers were for my benefit alone in such a big way.

How was the conversion from Oven to Refrigerator accomplished? Truly a van conversion. There are many elements, but the most important is opening doors and windows and slowing an intruder down with ropes and seat belts holding the doors to close for entry and wind chimes on the doors to frighten away the would be intruder and awaking me in time to grab my pepper spray and yell. I know; I’ve done it before. Back then they ran in sheer panic, BEFORE taking their arm out of the crack in the window. They were not expecting anyone to be inside.

Equally important is my spray bottle of water. I take my shirt off (sometimes I wear only swim trunk) and spray cool water directly to my skin. The temperature of the water depends on the heat of the day. I can get ice water from a large, ice cold drink container my Son gave to me. The ice water is what causes the shivering.

I no longer suffer during 105+ degree Summer heat; I don’t even dread it anymore; heat is now just a minor inconvenience. Maybe more than that, perhaps a full-blown inconvenience. Yes, that is more what it is.

Let FREEDOM ring!!!


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