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Highlights:  Earn 50% Commission on the best full spectrum Dietary Supplements. ZERO start-up costs. $5,000/month within a year 4 Top Performers. Work Anywhere Worldwide 1 to 60 hr/week. Work to gain long term 40% commission on monthly auto-reorders, and gain FREEDOM! 
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Information for people new to Don Design Jr’s Reliv:  Don Design Jr> is ‘s link to Reliv. is making the effort to spread the Health and Wealth of Reliv Dietary Supplements. We believe whole heartily in the Health> and Wealth (this page) for Humanity of Reliv!


Reliv’s main question on Financial Health: “Who do you know who wants to triple their income and double their spare time?” That is a COMMON Reliv reality, because Reliv is a business opportunity with limitless income potential and the time freedom to enjoy it.

Don’s Favorite Prospects are Underpaid Sales People and Overweight People. These two groups are UNLIMITED and EASY to spot! We will soon add sections on how to select the setting (including swap meets) and the person, the approach, how to counter objections, and now to close the sale with these people. It is easy, fun, beneficial for the buyer, and prosperous for you!
Reduce the struggle to lose weight with NOW supplying all essential nutrients known to science. Read how Don lost weight with NOW: Don’s Weekly Weight>

Weight loss group:

 Don averages just under 11 new customers per week, PART TIME! Can you do better? Don’t let rejection discourage you! For me only about 1 in 10 people I talked to become customers and later almost all become distributors to receive the discount, if nothing else. Almost every customer turned distributor starts three or four people on a monthly Reliv program. I figure I get four or five new distributors every time I talk to 10 people.
How Reliv products and marketing works:
 Working with beautiful people is inspiring and very exciting!

You have 4 GREAT plans to make BIG money with Don and Reliv.

You can choose one plan now and choose another plan later.
  1. Sell Retail to customers. Buy wholesale (40% off) from on FIRST orders only. Order using customers name, varified phone number, and address. Order with customer’s or your card. Customer pays you Retail minus any discount you offered. Order is sent to customer’s address.
  2. Buy Reliv products Wholesale from Don Design Jr and sell Retail to customers (about 50% profit for you). Order with your card. Order is sent to your address. You have to buy, before you earn.
  3. Become a Reliv Distributor with Don as your sponsor for $40 and receive commission on first orders and ALL monthly reorders PLUS an additional 50% commission from on all FIRST orders. What a deal!
  4. All Distributors in Don Design Jr’s group will receive DOUBLE Don’s commission on all FIRST orders.

FIRST ORDER is the first order of any Reliv product by any buyer (customer or distributor), one per address. First order may be determined by name,  RCN number, street address, or any other means.

See the SAVE GUARD CLAUSE at the end of this article.

PLAN 1: Being updated.

 PLAN 2:  Buy Reliv products Wholesale from Don Design Jr and sell Retail to your customers.

Your Wholesale Cost: $33.00 NOW, 1 can. $4.76 CA tax. $6.30 shipping.

Your Total Wholesale Cost: $43.97.

Your Retail Sales: $55 NOW, 1 can. $4.76 CA tax. $6.30 shipping.

Your Total Retail Sales in CA: $65.97

% Profit= (65.97-43.97)/43.97=50% PROFIT. You will profit $22 on each $44 investment!

What is the catch? Yes there is a catch. Your first order will be limited to 5 cans of NOW. All other orders will be limited to the number of Reliv BUYING and VERIFIED customers you refer to us. You can order one unit of any Reliv product for each customer you refer to us. Example: If you refer five customers, you can order up to five of any and all Reliv products you want. We are paying you to find new customers for us. It’s a good deal for both of us! You’re finding us lifelong monthly customers that we will received 25% commission every single month on every single item. Once you realize you can find customers, you will want to pay the $40 to become a distributor yourself and collect all those months of commissions for the rest of YOUR life.

Reliv BUYING and VERIFIED customers: A Reliv Buying Customer is anyone who has bought any Reliv product. A verified customer is someone who you verified their phone number and/or email by calling or emailing.

To place your order reply with a comment below. Format: Help wanted. Plan 2. Ordering. Names, phone numbers and/or emails of referred customers. Name and numbers of each Item you are ordering. Your name and where you want your order sent. To receive your order, you must include: I agree to accept the decision of a neutral arbitrator in all disputes with Don Design Jr or

We will send your order to your address after payment is received, and the referred customers’ names, phone numbers and/or emails are verified.

Or call and ask questions and/or place an order with one of our friendly people: (916) 622-8210.

Plan 3: You can also become a Reliv distributor for $40 and receive 25% commission on ALL your sales AND 25% commission of monthly reorders for the rest of your life! PLUS receive an additional 50% commission from on all FIRST orders. Use Don’s number for your Sponsor: Don Design Jr, RCN: 8801683501. Distributor application form:

If you have just ONE customer that reorders just ONE item each month (or even yourself), you will get back that $40 in a few months and gain more EACH AND EVERY month thereafter! I average just under 11 new customers per week PART TIME! Can you do better?

Plan 4: All Distributors in Don Design Jr’s group will receive TWICE Don’s commission on all FIRST orders.

 It Pays to be in Don’s Group: Anytime any customer or distributor in Don’s entire group buys any item for the FIRST time, Don will pay TWICE his own commission on that item to the distributor shown on the order. It is the responsibility of each distributor to report qualifying orders.

To report, reply with a comment below. Example: Help wanted. Plan 4. Payroll. Your RCN #. List of order numbers with FIRST time orders with the total commission for each order. Total amount of all commissions due. To receive payment, you must include: I agree to accept the decision of a neutral arbitrator in all disputes with Don Design Jr or The refund will be sent to your address of record.

PLAN 4 end.

California Sales and Use Tax Permit: A permit is required to sell retail in California. The permit issued to RELIV, INC. covers you, because you are a representative. Reliv has reported and payed the tax for you. You have already payed the tax to Reliv and can collect the tax from your customer and keep it. You do not have to report collecting the tax that you have already paid. Printable California Permit>

Sales permits for other states can be obtained by calling Reliv.

SAVE GUARD CLAUSE: We intend to offer these discounts and Plans indefinitely. But unseen problems may force us to terminate; we reserve the right to do that. Therefore, any and all discounts, commissions, and Plans can be withdrawn at anytime with a one week notice. Thus you now have at least one week to receive the offer.

Contact us: Reply with a comment below.  Examples: Help wanted, question. Help wanted, Plan 1. question. Help wanted, Plan 2 payroll. Or call and ask questions and/or place an order with one of our friendly people: (916) 622-8210.

Learn about the Health of Reliv and NOW>


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