End Nightmares FOREVER!

Highlights: “You can have any super power you want, when you dream. What super power do you choose?”

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AKA: Super Powers End Nightmares FOREVER!
AKA: Eliminating Nightmares.

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Start Date: Feb 10, 1996.

Written by Don Design Jr.
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At three in the morning, my trembling, six year old son shook me awake. He had woken up just before a speeding nightmare bus smashed into him. I had never seen him so frightened before.

I held him until he calmed down. I told him, “You can have any super power you want when you dream. What super power do you choose?” He thought for a moment. His answer surprised me, “I’d be made of super steel and the bus would be split in two when it hit me, just like a log in a lumber mill.”

I asked him what he could do during the day so a real bus wouldn’t kill him. “I’ll always cross at crosswalks; I’ll wait for the green light or the walk signal, and I’ll always look both ways before starting across, because some drivers will not stop.”

We went back to his bed. I tucked him in. He was asleep before I could kiss him night-­night. He has never been bothered by that nightmare bus or any nightmare again.


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