War spoils rice for Marine & ruins Family.

Highlights: Rice is a VERY sore subject for Guadalcanal Marines; it is a PTSD trigger. 

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The son of a x-Marine told me his violent, alcoholic father forbade rice in their home. Once a visitor brought rice for a party at their house. When the x-Guadalcanal Marine saw the rice, in a violent rage, he threw the rice out the door and chased everybody out. The party was OVER, before it got started.

This is common, but devastating PTSD behavior. Rice is a VERY sore subject for Guadalcanal Marines; it is a PTSD trigger. The Marines were isolated on Guadalcanal for several months. Their supplies were cut off. Help was cut off. They were surrounded. They were trapped. They all were scared! They had to do a lot of killing to stay alive! The only thing they had to eat for months was Japanese abandon rice. Rice will supply the protein and calories a person needs, if they eat 15 servings a day. Eating that much rice everyday causes constant diarrhea.

Rice does not contain most of the essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients our body needs. So, no matter how much rice a Marine ate, his body still craved, still hungered for food. Most Marines overate the rice and had terrible diarrhea. They were starving despite stuffing themselves with rice. Many Marines fell ill from undernourishment. They were as incapacitated as if hit by a bullet.

No wonder this ex-Marine thru the rice out the door. It is very possible this ex-Marine saw his best buddies’s stomach blown open with bloody rice spewing from the wound. Scenes like that often causes nightly nightmares FOR LIFE! We are sure every Marine saw bloody rice, because there was a lot of both on that island. There is no doubt all the Marines saw many scenes as equally traumatizing.

There is NO DOUBT rice reminds ALL Guadalcanal Marines of what some historians have called “The worst six months of hell on Earth!”

My friend’s father may have been a very nice, sober, young man, before he went to war. He was just a boy, when he went to war, a kind innocent boy. THEY ALL WERE!


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