I4H(tm) leads DARPA in Brain/Computer/Machine Interface!

Highlights: Implementing our Ideas will benefit many people!

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Written by Don Design Jr.
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DARPA>: A paralyzed woman flew an F-35 fighter jet in a simulator — using only her mind>
Science fiction come true: Moving a paralyzed hand with the power of thought>

 DARPA’s announcement does not validate us, because we knew it could be done. It does, however, gives us credibility in the eyes of others.

We lead DARPA and Others for the following reasons:

  • We conceived Life-Ahead(tm)>; DARPA has not announced that concept.
  • We see no need to implant probes.
  • We know the technology is here now; DARPA says it’s a long way off.
  • We knew the left brain could control BOTH arms; DARPA was surprised.


We conceived Life-Ahead(tm)>; DARPA has not announced that concept.

Living a GOOD life decades after your body dies is possible using Ideas4Humanity.com’s new ideas in life support and human/computer/machine interface.


We see no need to implant probes.

There is no need to stick probes into people’s brains. The limited resolution provided by standard, everyday sensors used in Electroencephalography (EEG)> is all that is needed to control most machines. Many brain spots can be monitored without drilling any, let alone many, holes into the skull. At the most, a few tattooed guide markers can be make for precise reattachment. A tattoo needle is far less painful than a drill press; recovery is shorter. A cap can be used to align many sensors quickly.

Limited resolution will control most machines:

The concept of computer/human mutual learning of brain waves was conceived but not disclosed by Ideas4Humanity.com years ago. It is similar to a computer learning a unknown spoken language by showing the human pictures and remembering what the person said. Understanding language, weather spoken or brain waves, is far more complex than learning words and phases. But it has been done for spoken language, and can be done for brain wave language. Full language is not required to control most machines.

Each person could have their own brain wave language that THEIR computer can learn. But it may be better for a person to learn a standard brain wave language to aid communication between people. A common brain wave language will not be required, because computers will be able to translate.

For personal security, it will be better for each person to have their own brain wave language. The individual’s language will be difficult to interpret without that person’s computer in the loop.


We know the technology is here now; DARPA says it’s a long way off.

The technology is here now; it needs only to be properly implemented.


We knew the left brain could control BOTH arms; DARPA was surprised.

Controlling the right AND the left arm from sensors on the left brain is a surprise to DARPA, but not a surprise to us! Well, it may not have been a surprise to DARPA, because, after all, they did try it, thinking it may just work.

But we already knew it would. For a long time, we have been saying a computer can be controlled by just ONE brain sensor!!! Or ONE muscle sensor!!! We know a damage brain will relearn functions previously controlled by the damaged part of the brain. We know that even a person with one entire side of the brain gone can relearn and live a normal life. Therefore, a brain can learn almost anything, left or right, up or down.


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