Motorcycle Rider, Don’t Die in NEUTRAL!

Highlights: This is the afterlife for motorcycle riders who died in neutral. If you were in first gear, you could have saved your life. If this play saves just one life, we will be delighted!
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AKA: Friendships in the Afterlife!

AKA: Motorcycle Rider, Rivers of Crocodiles!
AKA: Motorcycle Rider, Don’t Die by Carcodile(TM)!

UpDated: 220912 (yymmdd). Start Date: Years ago.

Written by Don Design Jr.
Volunteer Spokesperson> for (TM)

Start of The Original Audio Play:

Start of The Revised Written Play:


I am Walter Talker, volunteer spokesperson for, that’s aBetterLife, the number four,

The title of this play is “Motorcycle Rider, Don’t Die in Neutral!AKA “Friendships in the Afterlife!” Written by Don Design Jr. If this play saves just one life, we will be delighted! This play has two characters: Leonardo, a motorcycle rider, and the Greeter.

Leonardo is our mentor and our inspiration. We believe we have a combined knowledge, perception, and creativity greater than the great Leonardo da Vinci! And Leonardo is the leader of the Mutant Turtles, doers of good deeds.

The Scene of this play is a WELL KEPT GARDEN during the DAY.

Leonardo straddles a large log with both feet on the ground and arms hanging down. Leonardo starts this play by asking:


Where am I? How did I get here? What is this place? Who are you?


You are in the afterlife. I am your greeter.


I’m dead?


Yes, you are dead. You are in the land where motorcycle riders who died in neutral come to spend eternity.


I stopped at a red light, put my bike in neutral, my feet on the ground, and hung my arms down. I saw the car coming from the left; it was going too fast to make the turn; it was coming right at me. I knew it would hit me. I didn’t have time to put my bike in gear and speed off. Instead, the car crashed into me. Did it kill me? Is that why I’m dead?


Yes, if you had had your hands holding the clutch in first gear and the other hand on the accelerator, you could have escaped and saved your life.


You took a picture of my bike? It’s ruined!

L motorcycle







AH! NOOOOOO! MY BODY! WHAT A MESS; that’s SICKENING! I died instantly!



There are many here who died in neutral. Over there is Larry; he was hit from behind when a car did not stop. He saw it coming in his mirror, but didn’t have time to get in gear.

There’s Chuck; he was hit by a car from the right that turned too sharp and ran him over.

Alice was not worried about danger coming from behind. A car had stopped behind her; she felt shielded from behind, but a second car hit the first car crashing it into her. She saw it all in her mirror.

THE GREETER continues

I died in neutral myself! I stopped behind a car and shifted into neutral. Ninety seconds later, a second car hit me from behind. It took me over an hour to die in agony!








Being in gear would not have saved me. I stopped too close to the car ahead of me and had no escape route planned. It is always important to plan an escape route, stopped or moving. I was a stupid fool! A dead fool!


I am an expert rider, but yet I died in neutral at a red light. It doesn’t make sense; it is not fair! I have always been a cautious rider. I visualize the roads as rivers full of car crocodiles, Carcodiles(TM)! Each one eager to devour me, if I ever make a mistake. I watch each Carcodile(TM) carefully. I use my advantage of fast acceleration and narrow size to squeeze quickly through narrow escape routes.

This log I am sitting on now; I understand its meaning. Sitting on my motorcycle in neutral is no better than sitting on a dead log in the street. I learned my lesson. Can I have a second chance? Can I live again? I made just ONE mistake.


No, you are dead for eternity. You get only one chance, only ONE mistake. EVERYONE gets only ONE chance. You will be here forever because you died in neutral! However, we like your vision of streets as rivers full of Carcodiles(TM) to be watched diligently. We will add it to our motorcycle safety list.

We watch what is happening on Earth. There are a few motorcycle riders driving cars who see a motorcycle rider in neutral and will sometimes fake an out-of-control collision and blast their horn at the last instant. The motorcycle rider always grabs for his handlebars in terror. We see that they never again stop in neutral after that fright! Those motorcycle riders will never die in neutral! Too bad we didn’t learn that lesson before we died in neutral! This is not endorsed by the highway patrol, officially anyway!

Friendships in the Afterlife

We here in the afterlife have been watching you for years. We cringe every time we saw you stop in neutral. I know everything about you because I watched everything you ever did. Oh no, don’t worry! You haven’t done anything worse than I’ve done. You are a lot like me, so I volunteered to be your Greeter if you died in neutral. You can watch everything you ever did because your life has been recorded.

That’s what we do here in the afterlife. We talk to each other, watch the doings on Earth and all things that have ever happened since the beginning of time; then we talk about that. It is a much better existence than many of us had on Earth!


The author of this play was a motorcycle rider himself. He had stopped at a stop sign and was waiting for the traffic to clear to make a left-hand turn. He saw a car coming from the left going too fast and wasn’t going to make the turn and would run over him. Already in first gear, he zoomed off to the right and escaped death! The author never stopped at a red light in neutral, but he cringes every time he sees a motorcycle rider sitting at a red light in neutral!

Shown on our website is a list of 11 Motorcycle Safety Tips and links to 6 Motorcycle Safety websites. Find this information at, that’s aBetterLife, the number four, Then search for motorcycle.

Ride safe and have fun!

END OF PLAY. ————————————–

11 Motorcycle Safety Tips:

  1. Always wear a DOT-compliant helmet.
  2. Watch 360 degrees for Carcodiles(TM).
  3. Don’t sit in neutral. Don’t sit on a dead log!
  4. Don’t stop too close to a car and eliminate the escape route.
  5. Always plan an escape route, stopped or moving.
  6. Never ride while impaired.
  7. Ride on the left side so that you can see the driver’s face in the mirror and the driver can see you. Riding on the left helps you avoid objects that the car can straddle: like a muffler I ran over once, while riding in the center. And riding on the left avoids the oil trail.
  8. Watch your speed and keep your distance.
  9. Wear protective gear like gloves, leather clothing, and reflective tape that makes it easier for other drivers to see you.
  10. Keep your headlights on, even during the day.
  11. Check out the 6 Motorcycle Safety websites links listed on this webpage.

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Internal I4H Links: None.

External Links:

6 Motorcycle Safety websites:

  1. NHTSA Motorcycle Safety 
  2. California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP)
  3. California DMV Motorcycle Handbook
  4. DOT-Compliant Helmet Search
  5. Ride to Live Motorcycle Training Program
  6. CHP Lane Splitting Tips

End More External Links.


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