I Faced A Violent “Raging Ray” And Saved A Family Of 4, Hopefully:

Highlights: “That is what you do: hurt the weak. I can see you hurt them.”  He got madder. “Go ahead, hit an Old Man in public and go to prison for years, maybe decades. I’ll SEE TO IT! GO AHEAD!”


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AKA: Anger Management Classes can SAVE  a Family!

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I was walking around admiring a large collection of Norman Rockwell paintings in a restaurant. The best painter EVER in my mind. One man made an insulting remark to me. I went “What!” in amazement. He intensified the insult and added “Old man.” That made me mad! I said, “I am a design engineer; I am far above you!” I held my hand up as high as I could.
. . That did it! He stood up in rage! He was big: six foot four, at least, and husky. He stood up knowing he was far bigger than me. He had no fear of me. He threatened to beat the crap out of me, he said so and his posture confirmed it. I said, “This is what I am talking about! All you know what to do is fight.” I could see fear on the faces of his wife and two young children. “That is what you do: hurt the weak. I can see you hurt them.”  He got madder. “Go ahead, hit an Old Man in public and go to prison for years, maybe decades. I’ll SEE TO IT! GO AHEAD!”
. . He soften and backed down. I said to him, “You can take free or low cost anger management classes. It would be good for you, good for your family.” Then I looked at his wife and said, “If he doesn’t, call the protective services or the police and ask the judge to assign him anger management classes. Save yourself and your children from years of abuse. And save your husband from losing the love of his family. It will cost you at least two thousand dollars in fines and court fees, but it will be worth it.”
. . All 4 of them are at risk; yes, even the abuser. Usually years, even decades, later, the abuser wants loving contact and forgiveness. They SELDOM get it.
“Raging Ray” was the violent, alcoholic, abusive father of  a friend I know. “Raging Ray” got away with it during her entire childhood! He abused her in all ways a father can abuse his daughter. Do you know what I am talking about? She never recovered. She has PTSD WORST than most combat veterans. She still has PTSD, almost daily, from what happened to her from SIXTY-EIGHT to FORTY-EIGHT YEARS ago. IT IS HEARTBREAKING!

“Raging Ray” had PTSD of his own!  
“Wild Bill” was an alias named after Will Bill Hickok. There are MANY “Wild Bills” on Facebook alone. His real nickname is “Raging Ray.” Ray and his daughter and his four other children, all decided to allow using his real nickname.
. . Ray was an Army Air Force P38 Pilot born in Texas. He was shot down and became a Japanese POW and has suffered PTSD ever since.
. . He has been under treatment for many years now. I talked with him in January 2014, he said he still has nightmares of the War. I asked him when was his last nightmare, He said, “LAST NIGHT!” Ray is a 91 YEAR old man having nightmares about what happened to him 70 YEARS ago. Most likely his last nightmare will be on his dying DAY!

The Most Important Person in the World to Me:
She has a lot of good stuff that I have NOT been able to live without. I love her good stuff! She is the most adorable, precious, considerate, stylish, Feminine (that’s what FooFoo is), ELEGANT, LOVABLE person I have ever known. She wanted to be a person her parents were NOT! She would be, if it wasn’t for PTSD! It BREAKS my heart.

IN MY OPINION, she is getting worse by the month, because she is under TREMENDOUS family pressure (she never really learned to receive or give love, she never had a chance! Her father was a ROTTEN apple. Now she is the BAD apple in her present family of four; she doesn’t even know it. She is NOT a sweet old lady). She is under TREMENDOUS financial pressure (housing crisis and failing health wiped out her life’s savings), and finally, she is under TREMENDOUS health pressure (her FIFTH and, I fear, final bout with cancer), LIFE ENDING HEALTH PRESSURE! HEART BRAKING INDEED!

My greatest wish EVER is that I could go back in time and protect her from her childhood. I loved her once; I want to help her now.


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