Achievable Goals Of “A Better Life 4 All”(TM).


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Our Spokespersons, Don Design Jr, and Walter Talker will be very happy to speak about any of our Goals. Don is a Toastmasters’ Advanced Communicator Bronze with enough speeches for the Gold but not with all the other requirements. Walter is our main Spokesperson.
We are in the process of moving to this new WordPress site. Many of the articles describing our Ideas to accomplish these goals have not yet been moved. Our original website host, from our early years, is not compatible with today’s hardware and website software. This has made it difficult and unpleasant, even painful to “move backups” to our modern host.
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Achievable Goals of “A Better Life 4 All”(TM):

Listed in order of importance to us.
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All listed goals have articles describing our Ideas.  If you want to read an article not yet posted, send us the goal’s title in a comment at the end of our List of Goals, and we will expedite posting them.

Articles without a By Line are Written by DonDesignJr.
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220418 Create Prosperity for ALL people:

  1. You WILL Prosper With Tax Changes!>  Highlights: Experts agree these changes Will End The Housing Crisis, Stimulate The Economy, and Elevate ALL Economic Classes like nothing before in the history of CAPITALISM! No tax on incomes less than $120,000/year! Let’s give young people and new businesses a chance to succeed! 80% of young people have no chance financially without these changes!

    Landlords will gain more in TAX-FREE business than in owning housing. This will greatly reduce the cost of housing and produce more goods and services, JOBS, income tax, business tax, and sales tax.

    In slumping industries, let investors, business owners, and employees have a TAX-FREE income! That way the rich will stimulate our economy, not you the taxpayer.

    We want the rich to get richer at our benefit, not at our expense!

    These concepts apply to the worldwide housing crisis not just to the housing crisis in America.

  2. Ben Franklin’s MARVELOUS Plan to Wealth!
  3. Economics.

.200804 ELIMINATE ALL Airborne Contagious Epidemic>  Highlights: All Medical Professionals we have talked to support this concept! Air-Sterilizing-Vertical-Ventilation(TM) Systems in buildings where people gather will ELIMINATE ALL contagious airborne Epidemics FOREVER! Including the Flu and even the Common Cold! Air flows vertically away from everyone in a soft breeze. Just ONE Epidemic, COVID-19, cost the USA $16 trillion. These diseases will never travel far or fast ever again!

220501 BAMBOO Can Rescue Civilization! Highlights: Experts agree strong BAMBOO grows 20 times faster than trees and can solve MANY of today’s major problems: global warming, gas prices, housing crisis, homelessness, pollution, building material shortage, deforestation, and much more!

170709 Promote Peace between individuals, groups, and yes, even Nations using Conflict Prevention Techniques and other Techniques from Parent Effectiveness Training(PET).  Atom Bomb, Greatest Invention Ever!>

190219 Prevent future U.S. Government Shutdowns. Change the USA’s Constitution to be Truly “Of the People, By the People, and For the People.” Have the President and the Supreme Court Judges always thinking, “What do the People want me to do?” “U.S. Government Shutdown-Never Again!”(TM)>

071011 We can graduate the AVERAGE high school students with BS degrees and the more dedicated students with PhDs. Four Learning Techniques can be used to greatly increase classroom and individual learning: Speedreading, Math Programs, Efficient Tutoring, and an Exciting Learning Game.

200116 Increase PTSD Understanding, Treatment, and Relief.

160804 Strengthen EXISTING Buildings To SURVIVE F3 Tornados for a few hundred dollars of materials and F5 Tornadoes for a few thousand dollars! Tornados kill about 1000 Americans each year.

120516 To greatly lower medical costs have certified Technicians perform medical operations. Technicians can be certified in a specific operation in a few months. A few Doctors can monitor several Technicians and take over in an emergency. Other Doctors can perform their own operations and trade patients in an emergency.

140301 LifeAhead(TM): Live Decades AFTER Your Body Dies! And Love It! 

071011 Minimize non-social and anti-social behavior. Minimize Domestic Violence. Minimize All Violence. Prevent Triggering Mass Murderers! Minimize War. Promote Peace on Earth Good Will to All.

  1. I4H Wellness Meetings(TM)> 
  2. Conflict Prevention.
  3. Anger Management Classes can SAVE  a Family!>  
  4. Parenting Skills.
  5. People Skills.  

080317 End Nightmares FOREVER!> with Dreamers’ Super Powers. FORGIVENESS.

140221 Improve DISABLED-Human-Computer-Machine Interface> will enable disabled persons, including quadriplegics, the blind and/or the deaf, and even locked-in syndrome> persons, to control a computer and remote control machinery as well as a physically fit person. Improved DISABLED human-computer-machine interfaces are required to make our new LifeAhead(TM) desirable, even exciting. I4H(TM) Leads DARPA in Brain-Computer-Machine Interface!>

200424 Allow Blind People to Navigate with Echo Location!

150821 Allow Deaf People to Sense & UNDERSTAND Sounds (voice & music) at low cost without implants. Deafness Ends!

140221 Improve Human-Computer-Machine Interface>

181002 Encourage libraries to add speed-reading programs for online books.

080406  Expand Heaven on Earth>

081127  American Justice Reform.

190226 End ALL Discrimination>. “A Better Life 4 All”(TM)’s View on Discrimination.

190227 Discuss Reparations for African-Americans>.

190221 Prevent Unnecessary Roughness in the NFL.

  1. The-Gronk-NFL-Rule(TM)
  2. Patriots win Super Bowl 52! Eagles are Disqualified for Felony!
  3.  Gronk Don’t Quit; Pass the Gronk Rule!

190221 Declare Patriots Super Bowl 52 winners. Patriots win Super Bowl 52! Eagles are Disqualified for Felony!

071011 Promote Grief Awareness And Reduction.
071011 Reduce colon cancer deaths from 60K to 5K/year.  Colonoscopy Clinics.
071011 Reduce Diabetes Deaths.
071011 Reduce Fatty Liver Disease.
071016 Provide Low-Cost, Bright Green Electrical Power.
071011 Provide Low-Cost Desalination Of Ocean Water.
071011 Provide Low-Cost Distribution Of Fresh Water To Anywhere.
071011 Provide Low Cost, Fast, Bulk Transportation To Anywhere.
071013 Aid the Homeless: Homeless Problems Turned Assets!>  Homelessness.
071011 Promote safe Sex, safer than a kiss, and more fun than a condom!
071011 Lose 200 More Tons Of Weight nationwide. Don’s Weekly Weight.
071011 Achieve Ten Thousand additional years Of Weight Maintenance nationwide. Don’s Weekly Weight.

071013 Add 10,000 more people donating time and money to their favorite Causes.
071013 Add 10,000 more people volunteering.
071011 Promote Wheelchair Service in public places.
080701 Improve Nutrition Facts Food Labels.
080315 Spread the beauty of art.  Call To ALL Artists!
071011 Promote Say “Hello.” Not “How Are You?”
071011 Promote Safety.
080228 Teach Superior Baseball Batting Skills: hit the ball in play 19 of 20 times
140905 In MLB BaseballAfter 9 Innings, have each BASE count as 1>
140913 In MLB Baseball, Play EIGHT World Series Games! TOTAL Runs Win Series!>
140227 Add 3 New and Exciting NFL Postseason Games>
140227 Add Off-Season Junior-NFL(TM) Football>
071011 Promote The George Lucas Method Of Naming Hurricanes.
071011 Award Custer The Congressional Medal of Honor.  Custer Died In Victory!
071011 Enshrine Pete Rose in The Baseball Hall Of Fame.
071011 Promote Say “Wow!” Not “Oh, Really?”
071011 Improve Printing Over A Public Library’s WiFi.
071011 Encourage MLB Standings And Wild Card Standings posted on One Web Page.
071011 Promote Flip-Cup Contests Prizes.



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