My Automotive Repair Nightmares are OVER!

Highlights: I reduced Parts and LABOR from $467.70 to $117.99, now and forever, and anywhere.
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Written by Don Design Jr.
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My water pump was leaking so bad, the water would leak out BEFORE the engine got up to temperature. I had to stop soon after that or burn up my engine.
. . I went to a referred Auto Repair shop. They wanted $68.70 for the pump, $399 for labor, adding up to $519.35 including fluids and disposal fees! That I could afford. But there were several more things needing fixing that would have totaled several thousand dollars at that rate. I would rather spend those thousands on a new vehicle.
. . A few of my, amateur mechanic, friends said they would install the water pump for $250 labor. Good deal I thought! The water pump at the Parts Store was only $37.99! But they backed out at the scheduled time. I went back to the Parts Store to get my battery charged; I was not driving it long enough to charge the battery and had to have it jumped just to get to the Store.
. . I asked the Store manager if he could recommend a mechanic; he gave me the numbers of a Mobil Mechanic and a Work-at-Home Mechanic. I called the Mobil Mechanic, described what I needed done, and asked for a labor quote. He said SEVENTY DOLLARS! Yes, he said $70! He then asked me if he could install it tomorrow. I said that would be OK, but I’ll give you $80, if you do it today. Fifteen minutes later he called back and said he would be there in a hour.
. . He arrived in a cargo van with a sliding door that revealed three large tool boxes, jacks, a compressor, and other things I didn’t know what there were. I thought, “Man we are in business!” He had the water pump replaced and running in less than three hours.
I loved that guy and what he represents: FREEDOM! Where ever I go on my travels, I can call a Auto Parts Store and ask for a mechanic. To be recommended, the mechanic will have to be skilled AND honest.
It is such a delight to know my Automotive Repair Nightmares are OVER! And by the way, so are yours!


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