Eulogy to Ed From Jack:

highlight: The huge chunk of humanity thought an ammonia prank was funny and spared the prankster!

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Written by Jack The

I can remember the young Ed, as a senior of great restraint, and humor. … We shared our first period in senior English, with Irma Johnson as our teacher. But, Ed was a huge chunk of humanity that really scared the crap out of me. I knew that he could squash me like a bug. … (Back then I was a bug kind of guy anyway.)  …

One day, just before class, I had a small jar with some clear liquid in the bottom of the jar. I was going to use it to prank one of my nerdly friends, but Ed came over and pressured me about what I was playing with. … What could I do? I had to tell him, or he would kill me. … So, I told Ed that it was a very faint homemade perfume that I had made from flowers around the house, and that I was warming the jar in my hands, so as to build a little pressure in the jar, and increase the concentration the smell. … I told Ed that you had to get close to the jar as it opened because the smell was so fain that it might easily be missed, and to take a good smell just as he opened the jar. … Yes, I know it might sound a little evil of me, but honestly, I was going to do this to a friend that also did things like this to me. … So, when Ed cracked the jar open and inhaled so very hard at the same moment, a blast of chemistry grade ammonia puffed so fast into his body, he bellowed in agony, and nearly toughed the back of his head to the floor as he bent over backwards trying to get away from the smell. … Mrs Johnson noticed this. She sent the both of us off to the principals office. … Between the classroom, and the office, I thought I was going to die by the hand, and hugeness of Mr. Ed Arviso. … Ed thought it was funny. I lived.
Written by Jack The


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