Eulogy to Ed “Gentle Giant” from JoAnne

After that, I always thought of him as a “gentle giant.”

AKA: Dear Memory of Our 40th Reunion.

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Written by JoAnne


Dear friends:
I have read the emails of the last two weeks with great interest and emotion.  Some of them brought tears to my eyes.   I love hearing the reminiscences of days gone by, even those that are a little sad. It reminds me how glad I was to see, talk to and reconnect with so many of you.  After our 40th reunion, I made more of an effort to communicate with and see more of my classmates.  That lead to more time spent with Carolyn, Kathy, Libby, Jamie, Mary, Kermit, Jack, Jeanie, Doug, Bobbie, Shari and others that would never have taken place if it had not been for that weekend and the big pile of puppies on the bed.  It is a memory that I will hold dear for the rest of my life. And, of course, it led me to my wonderful husband Gary.
Since our 40th reunion, we  have lost several of our classmates that were there, like Carolyn, Sandy, Phil, Ed, Duane, and others that my feeble memory is not able to recall right now.  I am so happy that I had that opportunity to see everyone.  I am so glad that we will see each other only 8 months from now.  I can hardly wait to see all of you!
Since I didn’t really know Ed very well, I don’t have many memories of him, except that he was so BIG.  I think he was the biggest guy I had ever been around.  But since I knew a few other people from the Reservation, I tried to talk to him once.  He just kind of stared back at me.  I was afraid that I had said something wrong.  Someone told me later that he was shy with girls.  After that, I always thought of him as a “gentle giant.”  So I am particularly touched by some of the anecdotes that convey a side of him that I did not know, such as his sense of humor. I am glad to know about those moments.
Love and hugs, and anticipating seeing so many of you soon, JoAnne


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