Eulogy to Ed “Meheto” from Gary G.

First a funny story about “Meheto” Ed.

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Written by Gary G.

Don and all:

I write this with only good thoughts and wishes.

First a funny story about “Meheto” Ed. I rode the bus with him every day.

In my freshman year I went out for football cuz that’s what you do. I had dreams of glory and having my picture taken in the end zone, and then I met Ed. We were doing tackling practice and one guy had the ball and one guy tackled you. Well I got the ball and Ed was the one to tackle me. Well that was the day I got to meet Dr. P. with a broken collar bone. Meheto and I laughed about it over the next three years, and it brought us close together.

2nd. Regarding his death this week, by the time I was 21, four very close friends had died. One person, all should remember is Jack D, Vietnam .

He was one of the first people that welcomed me in the beginning weeks of my Freshman year and he became a good friend.

I do not forget my friends that died too early in life, but I cherish their memory and try to live for them. They, Dave and Ed also remain with me and I live for them.

The years are moving on, and we will have more notices about our friends. That is why we have reunions. To cherish our friends and the time we have.

ps. After rereading this I thought wow Gary , are you getting sentimental or what? I don’t intend to bring any sadness to anyone. If what I have written is uplifting, great that is my goal.

Gary G


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