Off-Season Football, JrNFL(TM).

EVERY FAN WE TALKED TO WANTS MORE FOOTBALL! Help make JrNFL(TM) happen and WIN Season tickets to these new JrNFL(TM) games. All 32 NFL teams can have a JrNFL(TM) team of potential NFL Pros! The JrNFL(TM) teams can be made of rookies, backup NFL players, hopefuls, and unsigned Veterans, even walk-ons: anyone that can make it! They play their games in the same stadiums as their NFL teams, and have the same team names proceeded by Jr: The JrPatriots! The JrBroncos. Fans WILL come!

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Written By Don Design JrWorld-Class Concept-Design Engineer, Apprentice to the CREATOR!

All 32 TEAMS can have JrTeams, FANTASTIC!

College players drafted by their teams could play on their JrNFL(TM) team.

The rookies and last year’s NFL backup players will get valuable game experience. The rookies would arrive in the NFL a bit better than rookies right out of college! A lot better! The teams’ NFL staff can decide who needs more game experience or needs a chance to prove themselves. The JrNFL(TM) will greatly improve the skills of the backup players. Players will have the last word, to play or not to play; players are there to play and earn money and fame. What about the great player that is second behind an even greater player; they could play in the JrNFL(TM) for a few games and get traded to another team that could use him in the next year. Of course, his team may want to keep him as a backup just because their star could get hurt and lost for the season.
. . Veteran players not resigned could play for any JrNFL(TM) team.
. . After the JrNFL(TM) league season, all players, not under contract, could be taken in a JrNFL(TM) League Draft similar to the College Draft. Fans WILL watch! Fans will watch EVERYTHING!
. . Each team can have first chance to keep their players for this year’s regular-season or for next year’s JrNFL(TM) season. That way, the JrNFL is a prelude to the future, and the JrNFL games will be even more meaningful and fan-supported.
Each team’s NFL staff could decide who plays in the JrNFL(TM) and for what part of the JrNFL(TM) season: players sure to make the NFL team could be “rested” for a month or two before the regular season started. Give the JrNFL(TM) players a few weeks off before the Regular NFL season starts. The chosen ones WILL want to continue playing. Maybe NO time off, they will be in condition and ready to play and need not go thru extreme training camp drills.

RIVALRIES ARE IN PLACE and will NOT be lost in the JrNFL(TM), no way! These rivalries are between the cities and the teams and were started long before today’s players were BORN. EACH CITY WILL WANT TO DEFEAT THEIR RIVALS IN THE JrNFL(TM)! Yes, they will!
. . They will say with great pride, “We lost to them in the NFL this year, but our JrNFL team beat them bad, and we WILL win in the NFL in a few years with some of these JrNFL players, no doubt about it!”

The NFL will make money: fans will watch in the stadiums and on TV. Fans have told us so. They are ready for MORE FOOTBALL!
. . The JrNFL(TM) will increase the salaries of the backup players and players who do not start in their first few years: players will earn more money during their short careers, if they play in the offseason with the JrNFL(TM) as well as standing on the sidelines during the NFL season. Players at this level WANT to be on the field playing and getting paid for it.
. . All this will be for the enjoyment of the fans! Fans will want a look at the possible future.

Let’s have JrNFL playoffs: WE WANT MORE FOOTBALL! Have the Jr-Pro-Bowl(TM) winners play the Jr-Super-Bowl(TM) losers in the Jr-Challenger-Bowl(TM)! Then that winner plays the Jr-Super-Bowl(TM) winners in the Jr-Revenge-Bowl(TM)! Then that winner plays the Jr-NFL-ALL-STARS(TM) in the Jr-Mega-Bowl(TM)! THREE MORE GAMES IN THREE MORE WEEKS! These will be PRIME Games!
Football all year round! YES!
COLD CITY TEAMS could play in the warm season:
The schedule can be staggered so all teams can have at least 6 days between games and longer, so bye weeks will not be needed.
MORE popular than College football! I think so! And it would make BIG money! BIG business likes BIG money!
A fan said to me, “The more football the better!” Most fans could watch games ALL YEAR. 

The 1991 to 2007 “Developmental” League in Europe failed, because American Football fans are, well, in America.” AND there was no connection to a HOME city or a HOME team for American fans! WE DID NOT CARE!

Have the Jr-Pro-Bowl(TM) winners play the Jr-Super-Bowl(TM) losers in the Jr-Challenger-Bowl(TM)! Then that winner plays the Jr-Super-Bowl(TM) winners in the Jr-Revenge-Bowl(TM)! Then that winner plays the Jr-NFL-ALL-STARS(TM) in the Jr-Mega-Bowl(TM)! THREE MORE GAMES IN THREE MORE WEEKS! These will be PRIME Games! requests the NFL to hold the “JrNFL(TM) Games Drawing” to gauge fan interest.

We need your help: we are but one voice in a stadium full of screaming fans. Don’t wait for the NFL to start a Drawing: You can show the NFL that you want JrNFL(TM) games by sending letters or postcards to enter a future drawing for prizes for the first JrNFL(TM) season. Forward this article to your friends, NFL players, and coaches, news people, anyone! If enough of us do this, we will be heard; we WILL have JrNFL(TM) Football soon.

NFL HQ, JrNFL(TM) Games Drawing
345 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10154

Possible prizes:

Many Season 4 ticket packets for each team.

Several 4 ticket packets for:

Jr-Mega Bowl(TM) trip for four people.
Jr-Revenge Bowl(TM) trip for four people.
Jr-Challenger Bowl(TM) trip for four people.


Send in a box full of cards. Have your friends fill the box with their entries with the agreement that you will get two of the four prizes and they get two! Each person puts their name and contact info on their cards, just in case they win. Yes, it will be fun.


And/or send your views to:

NFL> or send a letter to 345 Park Ave, New York, NY 10154

NFL Players Association>  or send a letter to 1133 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20036


“NFL Junior Pro Football”(TM) AKA “NFL JrPro Football”(TM), JrNFL(TM), and Junior-NFL(TM). “JrNFL league Draft”(TM).  COLD CITY TEAMS could play in a warm city. Seeding playoff teams by the number of wins WITHOUT regard to division. A GAME EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.
All items on this web page marked with ™ or (TM) are trademarks of Examples: “NFL Junior Pro Football”(TM), “NFL JP Football”(TM). JP Super Bowl(TM), JrPro-Draft(TM).


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