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DonDesignJr is a Founding Member and has been the most active member of “A Better Life 4 All“(TM) since August 2004. He has now in April 2022 assumed a lesser role due to health concerns. Don stays current on his favorite projects. Most of his tasks have been taken over by newer members who have inherited Don’s enthusiasm. Here is some info on Don:

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Don Design Jr. volunteered to be Ideas4Humanity.com’s (TM) main Spokesperson, Senior Design Engineer, Author, Editor, WebMaster, and Singer in August 2004. He is our Representative. Anonymity is desired as stated in the Ideas Committee article.
. . Don is our main written, verbal, and Internet contact with the world; he is our go-between, our middle-man. Any comments sent to Ideas4Humanity.com(TM) will be seen by Don and most Ideas Committee members.
Don has known several Ideas Committee members for many years, one for twenty-five years. We have decided some of our ideas could be beneficial to share. Don is the person we have chosen to share our ideas with the world. Many of our ideas are in articles written by Don. He speaks and writes for us.
. . Don first came to our attention as our Head Spokesperson in a Continuing Education writing class. His subjects and ideas are similar to ours. His writing and speaking skills are adequate. Don’s fingers do the talking; so do his lips.
Don graduated summa cum laude (highest academic honors, ALL A’s) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering. Don was his College’s Scholar-Athlete of the year: he was the Captain of the football team with all “A”s in Engineering; who else could they give it to? He has been a Senior Electronics Design Engineer for twenty years. He still occasionally designs in the technology field, but his main interest now is Ideas4Humanity.com(TM). We are very happy to have him as our conduit to you.
Don’s accomplishments: Some consider Don a World-Class Design Engineer. Don has done the impossible at least 20 times: things experts said couldn’t be done, things competitors never accomplished. A Ph.D. scientist, the Vice President of Engineering of a Fortune 500 company, a genius himself, nicknamed Don “The Magician!”
In 1991 Don realized he no longer needed to WORK for the rest of his life! He has been on “vacation” ever since: THE vacation, PERMANENT vacation! Since 1991 he has lived to enjoy life and has discovered that the best way to do that is to help others enjoy THEIR lives. He found his calling when he blundered into http://www.Ideas4Humanity.com and became our VOLUNTEER Spokesperson.
. . On his leisure, Don plans to develop some of the twenty-plus lucrative conceptual designs he has completed during his engineering design career.
One of Don’s Daily Guides is “Forward Day by Day>“: daily inspirational, reflection, and meditation devotions with a diversity of viewpoints.

Another of Don’s Daily Guides is The “Daily Word>“:  offers insight and inspiration to help people of all faiths live healthy, prosperous, and meaningful lives.

Don’s Beliefs are stated in selected articles from Don’s Daily Guides and listed in Daily Guide> .
Don adds Jr. to his name for love for and from his deceased father who he was named after, and because he is a Junior part of Ideas4Humanity.com(TM).
You can know Don thru his many articles on this website:

The Magician’s Apprentice.

Several articles have not been moved to this new host.


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