Our Spokesperson, DonDesignJr would be very happy to speak about any of our articles. Don is a Toastmasters’ Advanced Communicator Bronze with enough speeches for the Gold but not with all the other requirements.

We are in the process of moving to this new WordPress site. Some of the articles have not yet been moved. Our original website host, from our early years, is not compatible with today’s’ hardware and website software. This has made it difficult and unpleasant, even painful to “move backups” to our modern host.

Articles now posted, on this new host, are shown in the categories listed on the right margin.

. . If you want to read articles not yet posted, send us the articles’ names in a comment at the end of the  TABLE OF CONTENTS, and we will expedite them for you.

Articles without a By Line are Written by DonDesignJr.

Retired Senior Design Engineer>  Volunteer Spokesperson>


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